When the Unthinkable Happens

When the Unspeakable Happens - Joy of Mom

What do we say when the world goes crazy? When we want to cry and hide. When we want to shut our eyes.

What do we say when our children ask us why Facebook is plastered with photos of the Eiffel Tower? When they hear the news. When they look into our eyes and see our tears.

When our children leave toddlerhood in their wake, they become an active part of the world and all of the wonders that go along with it. They celebrate our holidays. They begin to understand history. They make an impact with their thoughts, words, and actions.

But they are also a part of our world’s sadder, darker moments. When heartbreak ripples through humanity, they feel it, too.

As parents, our first instinct is to shelter them. To hide them away from the shadows. But for our children to truly appreciate how beauty and love spread and change lives, they also must learn that there is hardship, loss, and imperfection ingrained in us. In life.

When the unspeakable happens, we can always give them a hug, look into their eyes, and tell them…

  • Terrible, terrible things sometimes happen.
  • For every terrible thing that happens, there are hundreds and thousands of people who are joining together to make this world better. To make it safer for everyone. To bring the flowers and candles.
  • We are lucky because we are a family who will always be there for one another. We will always protect each other. And we have the power to make our little piece of the world better every day.
  • Not only that, but we have the power to make it better for everyone else too. By being kind. By giving a hug. By helping a friend. By telling the truth. By standing up for what is right. With that power, we can change the world.

We are all a part of this uncertain world, and together we will make it better. Slowly. Patiently.

Tomorrow will be safer, more peaceful, and more full of light. And it starts with us. All of us. Even…especially…our children.

This post was inspired by this moving video from Now This, which has since gone viral. The interaction between the boy and his father is simply beautiful. A must-watch…

When the Unthinkable Happens - Joy of Mom
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