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What We’re Snacking On: Fresh Batch Jams! #joyofmom

What We’re Snacking On: Fresh Batch Jams

Have you ever spent a lazy Sunday lying around, indulging on sweet fresh batch jams and jellies? Nothing quite hits the spot like a fresh French baguette, cheeses and quality jams. Our current favorite is Missing Goat’s blueberry lavender jam. Oh my word is that jam delicious. If my family wouldn’t look at me sideways, I’d probably eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. Missing Goat is an incredible company because of how “small batch” their jams really are. Each batch only makes 6 jars, impressive right? The blueberry lavender jam is made with 3 lbs of organic fresh fruit, bursting with whole blueberries and sprinkled hints of lavender and cinnamon. Spread on a scone or mixed in with yogurt, you’ll quickly become as addicted as I am.

Then there’s Vista Doro’s small batch artisanal preserves. Using only the best in-season fruits grown on the Vista Doro’s farm, these preserves versatile and decadent, with unique ingredient pairings. Our favorite is the ‘fig & walnut wine’ preserve. It is such a special spread, that goes magically with baguette, pork tenderloin, toast, over cheesecakes – the options are truly endless!

Looking for something more traditional? This Blenheim apricot jam is unlike anything else we’ve ever tried. This jam is made every July from organic Blenheim apricots, picked directly from a farm in the Bay Area. This small batch jam is delightful delicious, and pairs nicely with everything from breads to meats to grilled veggies.

Have you ever heard of curd preserves? They guarantee to take any dessert to the next level. We fancy this Meyer lemon curd. It’s made with fresh Meyer lemons in the peak of season, created in small batches with butter, eggs and sugar. The texture and taste is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Indulge yourself in this spread, which is sure to impress guests and family members alike!

For those who love raspberry jelly, you must try this raspberry cardamom jelly from Artisan Edibles. It is so tasty and impressively simple, that it has quickly become one our go-to spreads for morning toasts and bagels. We find it refreshing to see cardamom pop up in this recipe, a fantastic Indian and Middle Eastern spice, which is a nice counterpart to the raspberry base.

Last but not least, this blood orange jam is a must-try for our fellow small batch jam lovers. Created with the juiciest, riches blood oranges, Lemon Bird’s team candied the bring tangy peels and turned them into a natural set jam that you’ll want to eat straight from the jar with a spoon. We’ve recently used this jam as a glaze for fish and it was sensational!

Of course there are many jams and jellies that we love, but we just wanted to give you a taste of what we are currently snacking on, and loving. We have tremendous respect for these independent companies that pour their love and devotion into creating these small batch, organic and unlike-anything-else-out-there preserves. All this talk of jams is getting us hungry, excuse us while we indulge!

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