Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

Dear Joyful Moms,

It was beyond exciting to feel your support during our water safety themed coffee chat.  Don’t you agree that Vicki is the kindest, most inspiring and fun soul?  I can see why she has so many supportive, real, honest, giving, go getter moms in her tribe.  

Courageous conversations are just so important and I am grateful to have a safe and inviting space to share my experiences as a water safety advocate and as a certified provider of ISR self-rescue swim lessons.  Drowning is the leading cause of death for healthy children under 5, and a second leading cause of death for children 5-14.  The statistics are horrifying, but they do not have to be.  Drowning is PREVENTABLE, and you can make a difference.

Here are a few drowning prevention protection tips:

  • 4-sided pool fence with self-latching gate
  • Door locks and alarms
  • Skill based swim lessons with a certified professional
  • Always used coast guard approved life jackets on open water
  • Do not store toys in the pool or inside the pool fence
  • Designate a “Water Guardian” – Use effective, segmented supervision
  • Educate to eliminate drowning
  • Learn CPR
  • Do not rely on floatation devices during swim time

There are so many inexpensive, or even FREE ways to keep your family safer, in and around the water.  Please frequent  castwatersafety.org where you will find links to our partners in this mission of “not one more child drowns”.  In exploring each of these links, you will certainly learn, you may cry, you may hug your kids a little tighter, and you will find ways that you can help.  You can educate your own family, and if interested, there are small and easy or big and powerful ways to help and educate others.  

Effective drowning prevention includes multiple layers of protection.  It is suggested that families put as many possible layers of protection between their children and the water.  I invite you with open arms to dive in and see what fits for you.  Whether you choose to read and learn, educate others, pursue self-rescue swim lessons for your child, my partners and I are here for you as resources, friends, and encouragers.  Reach out and let us know the areas you are most interested and we can arrange focus sessions that will empower you to put strategies in place.  

It takes COURAGE to talk about something that is uncomfortable and unthinkable.  Your courage to help us change this conversation WILL SAVE LIVES.  

I’m sending big hugs and high fives to you all!


Written by – Liz Huber


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