The Power Of Lemons

The Power Of Lemons! #joyofmom

I absolutely love the color yellow, which is a natural and scientifically proven joy or mood booster. One of my favorite yellow things is the lemon, which is in peak season whether you grow them in your backyard (a fun family project) or buy them at the store (also good for counting games).

What are some great uses of lemons? I love these suggestions:

*It’s a Mood Booster: There is nothing more refreshing during the hot August days than water with lemon, but doctors know that it is also a great way to relive depression and stress. Add lemon slices to a water pitcher and have this refreshing drink at the ready. Extra Credit Tip: The juice from the lemon also helps to clean out your liver thus boosting your metabolism.

*Get Rid of Browning Fruits and Veggies: A simple squeeze of lemon will stop your child’s leftover apple or avocado slices from turning brown. You can also squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice on cauliflower to prevent it from turning brown during cooking. Boiled potatoes with a squeeze of lemon juice will also avoid browning. Extra Credit Tip: Having a party? Squeeze fresh lemon juice over your guacamole to keep the brownish tinge away.

*Cutting Board Rehab: I love my wooden cutting board, but after some use the board will begin to take on the smells of what’s cut, especially if you like to use it for onions and garlic food prep. An easy clean is to slice a lemon in half and rub it all over the board. Rinse. All the old smells will be gone. Extra Credit Tip: You can also use those half lemons to clean out your bathtub. Just rub the lemon over stubborn dirt spots.

*Natural Bug Spray: I don’t like a chemicals in the house and this is a genius way to get rid of bugs. Just take the juice of four lemons and ½ gallon of water and use it as both a floor wash and also spray it into the holes, cracks and crevices where you’ve seen ants and other little critters. Insects and lemons don’t mix and they will stay far away. Extra Credit Tip: Bring the lemon spray outside for your porch, patio doors and windows to prevent little critters.

*As A Skin Lightener: Who doesn’t have a few age spots? Yes, you can go buy that $50 cream or try the juice of a fresh lemon. Just slice the lemon in half and apply to your spots for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. It’s a natural way to lighten skin. Extra Credit Tip: A little spritz of lemon in the hair before you go out into the sun is still one of the cheapest ways to highlight your hair.

*Get Rid of Dark Polish Stains: If you’ve loved your winter dark polish, but hate what its done to your nails then a lemon is your friend. Make a mixture of one-cup warm water, your favorite suds and the juice of half a lemon. Dunk your nails for five minutes. The stain of the dark polish will finally fade. Extra Credit Tip: Don’t forget to dunk your toes, too.

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