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We Time Vs Me Time! #joyofmom

We Time vs. Me Time

I remember the early days when my son was a baby and taking a shower was an actual event. Could I leave the baby for a few minutes even though he was sleeping? Was my husband watching? Should I pop out of the shower in my terry cloth towel and …

5 Best Sunburn Remedies #joyofmom

5 Best Sunburn Remedies

August is here and the days are already getting starting to get shorter. {Yikes!} With hot days ahead and school just around the corner the kiddos along with many of us want to get out there and soak up the last days of fun in the sun. It’s important to …


Mommy Summer Tips: Part 1

It’s the season of beaching it, holiday weekends and having fun in the sun. Who doesn’t love summer, where the days are warm and the nights mean running the grass trying to catch lightening bugs. This is Part 1 of my favorite list of random + best of mommy summer …

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