Sweet and Safe Shoes for Kids


Our babies ‘firsts’ will always be with us. Their first coo, their first smile, their first steps. We love when our babies and toddlers start discovering how to crawl and walk. Here’s some brands we are crushing on – not just because they are simply adorable – but they are committed to being gentle on our little ones’ feet and on the environment!

OneLivie & Luca makes gorgeous children’s shoes that utilize lead-free leather and non-toxic glues. We love Livie & Luca’s motto: “Spreading joy, growing community, making a difference – this is Livie & Luca.” They are also committed to giving back through charitable efforts. Love!

Two. You may recognize Freshly Picked from Shark Tank or Ellen! The founder, Susan Petersen, started making baby moccasins back in 2009 after feeling first-hand frustration by the absence of well-designed baby shoes. She had a personal baby moccasin tester on hand, and a bag of yard sale scrap leather. After several design changes, Susan came up with moccasins that are adorable, durable, and actually stayed on her child’s feet!

ThreeBear Feet carry artisan-made shoes, so each shoe has been specially made! Bear Feet is committed to producing no chemical waste and they donate their extras and scrap leather. Since their products are made to order, they keep a low stock, which makes each individual item unique! The soles of their precious shoes are made from the sap of the Hevea tree, which actually helps preserve the life of the tree. They also only use leather that is a byproduct of animals that have been raised for the meat—no animals have been hunted or raised for skin.

Four. Woolby & Co. is an Etsy shop based out of Maryland. The owner, Voneen, decided to hand-craft shoes from recycled wool sweaters, cashmere, and leather apparel when she noticed her toddler having a difficult time walking and running in toddler shoes or sneakers that were on the market. These shoes promote comfort, movement, and no constrictions. They’re also slip resistant, so your child can have fun exploring without you having to worry too much! Voneen has also pledged to donate $2.00 of each sale to Autism Speaks, a national advocacy organization dedicated to increasing awareness of autism and conducting research studies to prevent and treat individuals impacted by autism. We love to see someone doing well by doing good!

Five. Soft star makes soft leather baby shoes. These gorgeous shoes are made with non-toxic dyes and undergo formaldehyde-free tanning processes. The goal of Soft Star is to provide comfortable and durable shoes for new walkers. Soft Stars also offers many vegan-friendly styles for the mamas who want to stay away from leather!

Six. Green Line Kids make all of their shoes from organic, sustainable, and natural fibers. They use organic hemp and cotton jersey knit in a lot of their styles, which ensures optimum comfort! All of their shoes are eco-friendly and gentle on babies’ skin.

Getting to see our children explore for the first time is something we’ll never forget. We love that there are brands out there committed to making our baby’s first steps and explorations as safe and as comfortable as possible!

This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing these products because I adore them and I think you will, too! Sponsored material will always be disclosed.

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