Special Olympics 50th Anniversary – 2018

Joy of Mom is so honored to have been able to join the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Celebration in Chicago, Illinois. Because the love, support and passion from the athletes, moms, families, volunteers, and fans from all over the world was so inspiring it – took our breath away. Special Olympics “Choose to Include” movement brought athletes representing every region of the world, competing together with and without intellectual disabilities – therefore it truly was an inspiring week. We’re excited to share a little bit of the Special Olympics 2018 magic from this special celebration with you so stay tuned. Happy 50th Anniversary Special Olympics! Here’s to the next 50!

About Vicki Reece

Vicki Reece loves her babies (now in their early 20s), her puppies (whom she thinks she gave birth to) and her hubby. She also loves too much chocolate and really good coffee. When her first son was born, the seeds for Joy of Mom shortly followed. Author, dreamer, doer and admittedly obsessed with things she's passionate about—Vicki brings moms together for the greater good. Through livestreams, or Love Streams as her community's affectionately renamed them, she's found her voice, her passion and her people.

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