JOM x Rainfall

Meet Rainfall. The app that lets you safely earn extra income from your data. While giving you back control of your digital privacy.

Our mission to empower moms around the world is now further enhanced by Rainfall. I’m so excited to join their beta and to be able to invite you too.

Coming Soon


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At the moment, we are only set up for iPhone users. If you have an Android phone, you may join our waitlist, which is coming soon to the Rainfall website.

As participants in the Rainfall App beta test, you will earn dummy Raindrops, the utility token of the Rainfall App, for testing purposes only. Raindrops earned by participants during the Beta testing period are not actual Raindrops, and at the end of the Beta testing period, they will not be exchanged for real Raindrops.

During the Beta testing phase, the data you share with Rainfall will be encrypted and used for internal training and testing purposes and never shared with any external party.

Sharing data with Rainfall allows you to unlock the financial value of your data. Real-time Social Insights are generated from your data and purchased by companies. Sharing your data with Rainfall will enable you to receive fair value from your data. You can choose what type of data you want to share and modify it at any time. That is the whole idea of Rainfall: you have “agency” over your data and the choices you make with it.

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