Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids

Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids! #joyofmom

Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids

Spring is upon us! In just a few more weeks, it’ll be official. Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is peaking out through the clouds, and the air is crisp and clean.

The other day, we were walking down the street and noticed a row of cherry blossom trees, all in full bloom. It inspired us to curate a fun and fashionable Springtime favorites list for our kids, their friends, and you!

Nothing is cuter than a little girl in a dress, and we are gaga over this Zara boho dress. The mustard color reminds us of a mustard plant, which is very indicative that Spring has sprung! It has a fun 1970s flare to it, and looks super comfortable. Pair the boho dress with these striped footless tights from Gap and you’ve got a crazy cute outfit on your hand. Footless tights are great for Spring because they provide the light warmth and protection kids need while playing and running about, but allow your child to be barefoot and stick their toes in the sand. Plus, we are such suckers for stripes.

For a younger sibling, these Stallion leggings by Vonbon are perfection. Made from the softest organic cotton, the hand-draw stallion print makes these baby leggings ideal for boys and girls. I have a secret desire to sell all my belongings and move to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Wild horses running around is part of that daydream, so I’m really drawn to this print for that reason.

Speaking of Vonbon, how about this Infinity Cowl scarf? In most cities, Springtime welcomes the sun but there is still a bit of a chill in the air. These organic cotton cowl scarves are ideal, providing a light warmth and total style. I wish them came in adult sizes!

To pair with the Stallion leggings and cowl scarf, Minimoc moccasins would be just the thing. We are crazy for baby moccasins, as many of you are – maybe because they are just so adorable and go with any outfit! We particularly love these Minimoc moccasins in Jelly Fish and Elk, two colors perfect for Spring. In our minds, the purple and nut brown colors represent flowers and the soil they grow in. Flowers in bloom simply warm my heart and excite my soul.

For the youngest of babes, we are eyeing this ‘Crown’ Swaddle from Coveted Things. Wrap your baby up in it, or lay it on the ground as park blanket for the little one. Made from 100% cotton and non toxic inks, this blanket incorporating a beautiful message would make a great gift, could be worn as a scarf {fantastic for breastfeeding privacy!}, and just screams ‘enjoying some time outside in Spring’ to us!

Our favorite Mama brand Ace & Jig has designed some pretty fabulous pieces for kids, including these Holland Stripe pant. These elastic waisted pants are super-soft, super cute and super perfect for Spring. Lightweight, stylish, and ideal for horsing around with friends at the playground. The bright green color reminds us of fresh cut grass and brightly colored leaves filling in through the tree branches. Your child will almost blend in as he climbs to the top of a neighborhood tree!

For the boys, we are absolutely loving this Majestic Howler Tee from Emerson Apparel. Made from the softest materials and printed by hand (an image the designer drew!), this tee is everything a boy could possibly want – comfort, style, and boy power! Mama will love this tee because the 3/4 sleeves allow for optimal dirt play without having to worry about the sleeves getting in the way {and becoming filthy dirty}. We think this tee and the Ace & Jig Holland pants would be a funky fun outfit together.

To complete any outfit, throw on a pair Native shoes or Salt Water sandals on your kiddo and they are ready for a day of adventure and fun. Native shoes are great because they protect the entire foot and are waterproof, so splashing in creeks are no problem. Salt Water sandals are classic and cute, but also can get dirty and wet without an issue. Simply rinse either shoe off with a hose once you get home and they are good as new.

Springtime screams excitement, adventure, digging in dirt and splashing in ponds to us. Allowing our children to explore nature and get a little dirty stimulates their imaginations, showers them with vitamin D from the sun, and allows them to express themselves and their creative self. Nothing beats an imaginary games of “pirates” or “hunting for polar bears” while breathing in fresh air and appreciating all that nature provides. Let’s all embrace the beginning of Spring with open arms and enjoy some time outside with our families.

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