Natural Tips for Teething Babies

Natural Tips for Teething Babies! #joyofmom

Nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than when their baby is teething. The discomfort, tears, restlessness and whimpers of pain just about brings a mother to her knees. For every child that is going through the teething process, there are two parents searching high and low for any remedy that can soothe their unhappy child.

While Children’s Tylenol can help during the worst of nights, you might not want to, and really shouldn’t, give your baby Tylenol around the clock. We’ve done our research, tried these methods for ourselves, and can tell you that we have eight tried-and-true natural remedies to help alleviate your child’s pain – that really work!

Let’s kick things off with The Frozen Hand. Throw this hand in the fridge or freezer to make it as cold as possible, and then let your baby chew the pain away. The frozen hand has multiple textured surfaces to massage your baby’s gums and cutting teeth, is easy to grasp, and BPA free. Even frozen, the hand is still soft. Babies and mamas everywhere swear by this teething toy, and we can say from experience that it works great.

Another frozen option is putting ice or pieces of frozen fruit, like apple or pear, in these mesh bags. Because of the mesh, no pieces of fruit or ice and get through so they are very safe for baby. Your little one can hold on to the plastic handle and gnaw as much as they’d like to help cool down their burning gums. Just beware of melting ice (we suggest tying on a Numpfer bib to catch the run-off).

Have you heard of Camilia? We swear by it. Camilia is a single-dose, natural liquid teething relief. It’s fast acting and benzocaine-free, so you can feel good about giving it to your baby. Camilia can also be given for restlessness and irritability. In conjunction with Camilia, you can give your baby this Baby Banana to chew on. It’s made to be a “starter toothbrush” for babies, but it also works wonders for teething! 100% food grade silicone teething toy that is also BPA, phthalate, latex and toxin free. Any part of this toy can be chewed on, including the most effective parts – the massaging bristles and side “banana peels”. Plus, isn’t it adorable?

Speaking of chew toys, how could we leave out the famous Sophie la Girafe? Everyone loves Sophie. You can’t go anywhere where babies will be without seeing a handful of Sophies. Sophie Is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. Sophie is soft, safe and non-toxic for baby to teethe and chew, lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp. She gently squeaks as well, which is amusing for little ones. A must-have for all babies for sure.

Have you tried a Baltic Amber necklace yet? It might seem like voodoo but many swear by these necklaces. As your baby wears the amber, her body heat releases the succinic acid which has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. Plus, they look adorable on.

A chiropractor friend of mine once told me that Milk of Magnesia is one of the best treatments for sore, aching teething gums. With a clean finger, dip your finger into the milk of magnesia and gently rub onto baby’s gums. This should help to alleviate the pain. (I’ve also heard it can help with diaper rash!)

Last but not least, try a facial massage on your baby. Simply rub baby’s face, jaw and gums in a circular motion. Sometimes they will resist, but other times it hits the spot. You might also notice that baby “self massages” by rubbing her jaw against her mattress or pulling her ears while nursing.

Teething is a tough time, for both mama and baby. We hope these natural tips can help to soothe baby during this uncomfortable time. Best of luck, mamas! We are sending healing thoughts to your baby’s gums.

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