Mommy to Mommy: Tips that Work


Mommy to Mommy: Tips that Work

Mom: Jennifer from the Chicago suburbs
Kiddos: 3 1/2 month son and almost 6 year old daughter

NOTE: Hi everybody, it’s Vicki. When I walked into the (tiny) organic hair salon I go to and immediately saw Jennifer in one of the two salon chairs I stopped in my tracks. (You’ll smile and see why from the pic below!) I don’t which was more adorable. Her absolutely precious baby boy or Jenn in a ‘full on mommy moment”. She was handling it all with serious chill and ease. multi-tasking ease. Talk about multitasking. I just had to get her best tips!

*MULTI-TASK IN A SMART WAY. “My son sleeps a lot,” says Jennifer. “I know his exact sleep schedule, so I planned my hair appointment around when he would go down for his nap. It makes it easy because he’s a sound sleeper and the noise doesn’t bother him. I was able to fit in my appointment and he didn’t wake up until the end.”

*MAKE YOUR CHORES FUN FOR THEM. “I also brought my six year old to the hair appointment. I save her daily movie time for these kinds of things. She looks forward to her movies, so she sat quietly watching on my IPad while we were at the hairdresser. If you save something fun like this your child will have something to look forward to, too.”

*EAT FOR A HEALTHY BABY. “When I was pregnant with my son, I vowed to eat really healthy knowing it would make a big difference with him,” Jennifer said. “With my doctor’s advice, I took a lot of probiotics and drank my super greens. I really believe this made a big difference. I have a baby now who is so content, happy and sleeps really well. He nurses well. He’s just a happy baby. I also give him probiotics now. My pediatrician said it was fine and he doesn’t have tummy aches.”

*BEST DIAPER RASH MEDICINE. “My son occasionally gets a bit of a diaper rash and I use California Baby Diaper Rash Cream because it just works well. But I avoid diaper rash in the first place by having him go number two over the potty. I know when he needs to do number two, so I hold him over the toilet. I hold his legs up like he’s sitting and he never touches the actual toilet. It’s funny to watch, but he poops right in the toilet and he doesn’t sit in it which means he rarely gets a rash. This will also make potty training easier down the line.”

*NOT SLEEPING. “My daughter had a really hard time sleeping when she was younger. We found a great doctor in California who discovered that she couldn’t absorb vitamin B, which is common. She was put on folic acid and B12 — the kind you easily absorb that your body doesn’t have to convert. Her stomach is better and she sleeps much better now. It has been a huge transformation. I only wish I would have found out earlier, which is why I suggest moms have their kids tested for this deficiency.”

*MOM DE-STRESSER. “I like to stick to a schedule, which keeps life stress free. My kids know what’s coming and so do I. And I can get my hair done, which makes me really happy.”

Thanks so very much Jennifer! These are fabulous tips… And, I gotta say, I never before heard about holding your baby over the potty to poop! The best tips come from moms <3

Photo by Vicki at ahavah ORGANIC SpALON

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