Mommy Summer Tips: Part 1

Mommy Summer Tips: Part 1! #joyofmom

It’s the season of beaching it, holiday weekends and having fun in the sun. Who doesn’t love summer, where the days are warm and the nights mean running the grass trying to catch lightening bugs.

This is Part 1 of my favorite list of random + best of mommy summer tips that will truly make your living easy.

Set A Routine: Make sure to keep some kind of routine that keeps everyone on track including times for meals, outings, etc. Despite how some family members may feel, a schedule (even a relaxed or flexible one) actually is a good thing. It ensures that you and your family don’t miss out on any special things on your summer to-do list.

“Bugging” Out: Who doesn’t love playing in the sandbox? The only issue is those bothersome bugs that scare your child or even bite him or her. Stop bugging out by first removing the old sand. Get rid of or sift through it to make sure there aren’t any bugs. Then mix a small container of cinnamon into the sand. Cinnamon actually repels bugs, and, most importantly, is safe for your kiddos.

Beach Babies: I love to romp around a sandy beach with my kids, but I’m not so thrilled about sand all over the car. Here’s a great way to keep the sand where it belongs: When your kids are done for the day dry off their feet and legs in the parking lot. To avoid any residual sand take a simple bottle of corn starch baby powder (that you can keep in the car) and sprinkle it on their feet and hands. Sand and powder repel each other.

Road Trip: I just love the essential oil aisle at Whole Foods! And summer is the perfect time to put those yummy smelling oils like orange to good use. I put a small amount on my fingers and lightly dab {my car} air conditioning vents plus place little drops on the floor, in both the front and back. Every time we get in the car we smell a fabulous, sweet and, just simply, happy smell!

Too Much Fun In the Sun?: Of course, contact your pediatrician immediately for a serious sunburn or if your child is a baby. For mild sunburn, Moms need to remember that it’s crucial to keep your child hydrated with water and out of the sun after a burn. You can also take a bag of frozen veggies out of the freezer, wrap it in a towel and place on the burn. It’s important to use the towel, so the icy veggies doesn’t cause more damage.

Tomorrow: Part 2 of Mommy Summer Tips

Photo courtesy of Leah Zawadzki/Lily Blue Studios

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