10 Ways to Declutter Your Mommy Life

10 Ways to Declutter Your Mommy Life Before Summer Is Over! #joyofmom

Tick, tock, tick, tock. That sound you’re hearing in your heart is summer beginning to wind down.

For most of us, there are only six more weeks (!) until the new school year begins. Are you already asking yourself: Where did my summer go? If so, it’s time to declutter your Mommy life and make some real time to enjoy the last weeks of the glorious and gorgeous warm weather months. Here’s how:

Step 1: Slim Your Schedule. Of course, there are those never-seen relatives coming to town and invites to pool parties from that child your child barely knows. It’s time to go through your schedule and only say “yes” to those activities that really make sense. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with “should I do’s?” then say no to two out of three of them. The goal is take some family time out just for your little tribe. Leave one or two free nights a week for your family to do something fun and spontaneous like a bike ride or movies in the park. Summer is about seizing the moments.

Step 2: Put Down the Social Media. You might get on your kids for bringing their devices to dinner, but how many summer nights have you wasted just hanging out on IG or FB. Stage a Social Media Takedown night once or twice a week where no one touches a device from the hours of 7 to 10 p.m. You might be met with “seriously, mom?”, but it will be worth it to have your child back from Snapchat and Instagram.

Step 3: Don’t Rush the Season. Sure, your kiddos might want to load up on all the back to school stuff we’re already seeing at the stores, but put the brakes on. It’s still really early and you don’t want to be in school mode just yet. Why not re-focus on summer, the precious slower moments, and that great pool, park or picnic. Don’t end your summer before it’s really over.

Step 4: Do a MAJOR Summer Cleaning. I love spring cleaning, but now that the kids have been home for weeks the house is starting to look like a mess again. Instead of endless little cleans, stage a whopper one. Have your kids donate old toys and clothes, while they also help you de-clutter the kitchen. Purge the old pots, pans and gadgets that should be in that giveaway box. As a Mom, get rid of your old beauty products that have been lingering over a year (when the chemicals change and can become dangerous). Clean out every room in the house by going through doors and closets. A huge purge feels good and leaves room for what’s new and fresh. Reward the family for a hot, sweaty job well done with some fun beach or pool time.

Step 5: Figure Out Finances. We’re more than halfway through the year. It’s a good time to get a grip on family finances before the holiday season sneaks up on us. Look at your credit cards and figure out how to start saving now. You’ll be glad you paid attention come November-December.

Step 6: Have A Mid Summer Fiesta. All the graduation and holiday parties are over now leaving many families with nothing to do on weekends. Get together with another mom or 2 and through a mid-summer fiesta at a local park or a yard. It’s something to look forward to during the dog days of summer and a way to reconnect before the busy back-to-school rush starts.

Step 7: Plan a Date Night With Your Mate. With all the family fun of summer, you might forget about a little couple time. Get tickets to that great outdoor concert or book a table to dine al fresco. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make the time to plan an amazing night out with your love.

Step 8: Live in the Moment. There will always be chores and things to do, but you need to know when to shut all that into the OFF position. The key is living in the moment because this moment will never be here again. What’s better than chasing fireflies in the dark? Or grabbing some frozen yogurt and sitting on the curb while half of your neighbors show up to do the same thing? Summer is about the little moments. Make sure that yours is not spent in front of a screen (TV or computer) and you’re getting out there to enjoy the balmy nights.

In the end, you can de-clutter your Mommy life by focusing on what’s important: Your family. Summer 2015 will soon be a memory, but what you’ve done to make it memorable will last a lifetime.

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