A Mom, A Moment, A Movement

The seeds for this blog, my first for Joy of Mom, were actually planted several years ago—six to be exact—on a flight to the west coast. Remarkable things were manifesting. I was about to be face-to-face with celebrated authors and luminaries whom I’d admired through their books, beliefs and numerous Oprah appearances.

These gurus, if you will, were going to be among our catalysts and contributors for a whole new kind of social—and socially conscious—web community for moms. My long-in-the-making labor of love and vision were finally coming into focus.

As the plane took flight, so did my emotions. Conversations that I dreamed of were about to actually happen. I wanted to blog about the realization and serendipity of it all. How wild and surreal this journey had been. How the road here was anything but smooth, but how that would make the light at the end of the long-tunnel all that much brighter.

Yet the words just wouldn’t flow.

Fast-forward a few months. Folding laundry after another stint of another business trip, I stumbled across the small bag from that plane ride. Out slipped my journal with the beginnings of the blog I never quite finished. I read what I tried to write and was struck by how much I’d grown since that wide-eyed time. Awesome as that whole experience was, it wasn’t the right moment yet.

In fact, it wasn’t a “moment” at all.

I would never diminish the invaluable contributions of celebrated authors and enlightened leaders, but a beautiful and powerful thing happened on the way to building this website. I’ve learned that the true celebrities, the real movers and inspirers, are you.

True joy comes from real people and real moments. The kind that touches our hearts and connects with our soul. Effortlessly. Easily. Authentically.

Today, the words finally flow. In my yard, early spring sun soaking my face. Today, I watch my dogs chew their bones, happy to be alive. Today, I smile as my son runs in the yard to play with our pups. His birthday is coming, and I am reminded that this sacred journey began the day he was born.

Today is the moment. Not 30,000 feet in the air, but right here on the ground. My ground. Solid ground.

It’s been a thrilling, exhausting, inventive process to get here, but here we are. Sharing. Inspiring. Creating a movement with our experiences and unique little world we call motherhood.

So, whoever you are, wherever you come from, whether you’re a mother, a sister, a daughter or friend, you have a community here.

You belong.

Welcome to Joy of Mom.

About Vicki Reece

Vicki Reece loves her babies (now in their early 20s), her puppies (whom she thinks she gave birth to) and her hubby. She also loves too much chocolate and really good coffee. When her first son was born, the seeds for Joy of Mom shortly followed. Author, dreamer, doer and admittedly obsessed with things she's passionate about—Vicki brings moms together for the greater good. Through livestreams, or Love Streams as her community's affectionately renamed them, she's found her voice, her passion and her people.

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