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We couldn’t be happier that you’re part (a big part!) of our community. We’re so excited to be able to feature you and your precious kiddos on Joy of Mom. We’ve been talking about doing it…and now we can! To be featured, pick any (or all!) areas you’d love to be a part of, follow the proper video submission instructions below, and submit.

We can’t wait to “see” you soon!

from kids:

Send us your hellos to welcome in the week! Whether it’s your kiddo waving, saying hello, or even sending a quick well wish for the week, let us feature your little ones and their motivational hellos to start the week off right.

We never know when those interview skills will come in handy! And it’s never too early to start to be a contributor —especially once our little ones start talking and never stop. Here’s an opportunity for our kids to ask us questions (besides what’s for lunch!). From what our favorite band in high school was to our scariest or proudest moment, learning about each other reminds us about the power and love of curiosity.

from moms:

Krystal was our very first friend who shared TMI on our livestream. And when I asked you guys what “TMI” meant (yep, I must have been in a work bubble and missed that one!), you all jumped right in to explain the phenomenon known as Too Much Information. Now, we want to share all those little things we mamas love to talk about but sometimes just don’t have the tribe to do it with. Well, now we do. Welcome to our TMI.

Okay, who (besides me) here is a little obsessed with our coffee? (Only everyone, right?) Send us your best video of how you can’t live without coffee, what coffee time means to you, or your favorite coffee thoughts. We’re gonna do something special to showcase our Mom tribe and our caffeine crutch.

We all love tips. From what to eat to how to keep your marriage healthy, the best tips usually come from those we trust. (And sometimes the worst tips come from pros who have something to sell or gain.) Give us your favorite and most trusted go-to tips to share!

We love sharing things we adore. (And especially things we hate.) Whether you want to weigh-in with a rant or a rave, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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