Espresso Yourself with These DIY Coffee Upgrades

girl holding a mug of tea in the autumn park

The air is crisp. The leaves are falling. Now that autumn is fully upon us, we crave something warm and cozy to help us start our day. And nothing fits the bill quite as well as that first delicious sip of a perfect cup of coffee.

Why not take a cue from the warm, spiciness of fall, and add a little something extra to your coffee this morning to make that first moment of the day just a little more perfect?

One. For those with a sweet tooth, adding sugar to your coffee may not be the healthiest. Use a touch of Maple Syrup to sweeten up your morning energy boost while giving it that autumn flavor! The richness of the syrup may make you want to keep this coffee upgrade in your routine long after the last leaf has fallen!

Two. Autumn is all about the spice, and nutmeg is one of our favorites. Putting nutmeg (whether freshly grated or pre-ground) will give your coffee a hint of a gingerbread flavor that we crave. Or double the love – add maple syrup to your coffee and sprinkle it with nutmeg!

Three. Finding ways to sweeten coffee without sugar and processed creamers is so important to us! Adding a few drops of vanilla extract will result in a luxurious flavor, but without the chemicals we hate. You can also add almond extract if you want to try something a little more nutty.

Four. If you like your coffee creamy but want to ditch the dairy, try using coconut or almond milk. Both have very distinct flavors, and they make your coffee even more savory. If you’re a coconut lover or an almond lover, you’ll definitely want to try this.

Five. Getting a little tired of pumpkin, well, everything? (Another pumpkin spiced latte, anyone?!) Why not add a hint of autumn apple to your coffee instead? The coffee site Sprudge gives you tips on how to make an amazing apple syrup.

Six. Cinnamon is used often for tea, but it’s also delicious in coffee! Not only can cinnamon save you a few calories a cup and boost your immune system, it also gives it a deliciously decadent flavor. Either sprinkle your cup with cinnamon or simply brew it with a cinnamon stick!

Make that first moment of the day something amazing and just-for-you with a flavorful cup of coffee that’s just for fall!

About Vicki Reece

Vicki Reece loves her babies (now in their early 20s), her puppies (whom she thinks she gave birth to) and her hubby. She also loves too much chocolate and really good coffee. When her first son was born, the seeds for Joy of Mom shortly followed. Author, dreamer, doer and admittedly obsessed with things she's passionate about—Vicki brings moms together for the greater good. Through livestreams, or Love Streams as her community's affectionately renamed them, she's found her voice, her passion and her people.

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