Disney’s Christopher Robin Activity Sheets for You and Your Kiddos


We all get a little lost sometimes. Reflecting back on who we are through movies & memories is such a JOY. Disney’s Christopher Robin will take you to a timeless place where imagination meets reality. Based in London, staring Ewan McGregor (swoon after Moulin Rouge), we are brought back to a world we have all come to know – and maybe we’ve gotten lost from. We’ve all grown up and gotten sucked into work and life, maybe we’ve lost track of the important things a little. Just like our old friend Christopher Robin, we forgot the magic of Winnie the Pooh’s soft and welcoming voice, the balance of Piglet and energy of the infectious Tigger. Christopher Robin, out August 3rd (who else can’t wait? Tears already from the trailer), lets us remember our own childhoods while introducing our kiddos to the magic of Winnie the Pooh.

As this imagination becomes relatable reality we’re grateful to work with Disney to provide these official coloring and activity pages to make this cinematic experience even more fun. A family affair for all, helps this world transcend when the colors come off the pages. We hope our friends and our Tribe will love these coloring and activity pages as much as we do and maybe it will bring a little magic to your lives before Christopher Robin hits theaters.

Download everything here and be sure to post a photo to Facebook and Instagram, tagging @joyofmom and #ChristopherRobin


This post is in no way sponsored, we are sharing this because of our excitement for the film!

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