Daddy & Daughter Dates

The Beautiful Importance of Daddy & Daughter Dates! #joyofmom

The Beautiful Importance of Daddy & Daughter Dates

Growing up, I went on a “date” with my father every other Friday night. It was an occasion I so passionately looked forward to. I would slip into my prettiest dress, my shiniest shoes, made my hair look pretty, and anxiously waited by the front door for my date to arrive.

The location of our date would always be my choice – dinner, a magic show, a walk along Main Street, whatever my heart desired. We often went to “our spot”, a local Mexican restaurant, for delicious bean burritos and root bear. After all, I was a child, and this was what an ideal date looked like to me.

Now that I have a daughter, I delight in watching my husband date my daughter. She, too, puts on her best dress and anxiously waits for her date to arrive and take her to a restaurant or activity of her choosing.

Who knows what they talk about it? What they do? But truly, I don’t want to know. I want it to stay special between them. The conversations about the future, reminiscing about past memories, the giggles and the tears – the building blocks of their unbreakable bond. Just like I had with my father.

If you have a daughter, does she date your husband? Do you date your son? What about planning a ‘girls night out’ with your daughter? It is so special to have that one-on-one time with your children, at any age of their lives, whether 2 or 20 years old. It might not seem like much to take them for a simple dinner or an ice cream cone, but those are the memories that they will remember forever.

To inspire you to plan one-on-one dates with your children, we have three fun and love filled dates for you! Our first favorite date is dinner and a movie. A classic, guaranteed-to-please date. Pick a small, local spot where the waiters know your name and the dishes are delicious. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure they have a brownie sundae for two on the dessert menu. After dinner, head to the theatre to enjoy the latest age-appropriate film together.

Our second ideal date night includes a stroll down Main Street, meaningful conversation, a quick snack and root beer floats. Walk hand-in-hand, breathe in the springtime air, and share stories with each other. It’s important to have an open and honest relationship with your children, so set up moments that encourage these types of conversations.

A third date night idea we love is ice skating and pizza. We haven’t met a kid who didn’t love to ice skate! While it might be a bit of a painful date for us adults, there isn’t much we wont do to please our kids. After a fun night of skating, head to your favorite pizza joint for a pizza pie and shared laughter.

It isn’t what you do, or how much money you spend, but the effort you put forth. Your children will only be young once, so make the effort and don’t let the time pass you by. After all, “the best thing to spend on your children is your time”.


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