Best Skincare Tips for Moms: Interview with Dr. Paul Nassif

Best Skincare Tips for Moms: Interview with Dr. Paul Nassif #joyofmom

There is just something about seeing the bright, happy face of children that warms our heart. Kids just have that natural glow that can’t be bottled because it’s part pure wonder and never ending joy!

With the focus on wellness now, I know all moms out there want to make sure that their children and the rest of the family are taking care of their largest organ: their skin. What should you eat? Drink? Avoid?

We thought it would be great to get the 411 on all things skincare for both moms and kids from Dr. Paul Nassif of the hit show “Botched.” We asked Dr. Paul for some great tips.

Q: Dr. Nassif, why does stress play such a big part in skincare for moms?
Dr. Nassif: “When your stress becomes at a high level, you’ll find that your skin doesn’t look great because you’re not functioning properly. You really need rest to repair your body and your skin at night. It’s important for everyone, old and young, to get good, quality sleep.”

Q: What should moms omit from their own diets and the diets of their children for good skin health?
Dr. Nassif: “The first thing is diet cola. You don’t want to be drinking chemicals and it’s all chemicals. If you must drink it, practice moderation. But you do have to get off of it as your go-to beverage. It’s the worst thing for you.”

Q: What should you limit with children?
Dr. Nassif: “Try to get rid of excess sugar. I have a sweet tooth, too. But you should really watch processed sugars and not allow too much. Have a small amount of dark chocolate. It’s good for you even if it’s sugar. Remember that most smoothies are full of sugar, too. Limit them or make them at home, so you’re sure of the ingredients.”

Q: How important is drinking clean water for your skin? And what else should we add to our children’s diets for their skin?
Dr. Nassif: “Anything that hydrates you without the sugar or chemicals is great. Water is the best thing for a human being. Make sure to also add some fruit and avocado to your family’s diet. Your skin and their skin will thank you.”

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