Katie Bingham-Smith

Katie Bingham-Smith had three kids in three years and crafts her ass off in order to stay sane. She loves to write, wear faux leather pants, eat at burger joints and make beautiful things. She pays her kids to rub her feet and play with her hair. You can see more of her writing on Scary Mommy, Babble, Grown and Flown, Mom.me, She Knows, Momtastic, and Mommyish.


Best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever gotten?
This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt them.
Proudest parenting moment?
While standing in line at a craft store, my two-year-old looked at the older lady in front of us and said, “Mommy, I love that grandma.” She said it made her day.
Worst parenting moment?
When my five-year-old son decided to try say all the bad words he knew at my daughter’s birthday party as I carried him away from a group of four and five-year-old girls and their parents. You could hear the words “shit, damn, ugly, stupid, fat” for miles.
Fave quote?
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Best thing you’ve learned from your kid?
My youngest is very patient. He constantly reminds me we can figure things out, even if it takes a really freaking long time.
Something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am beyond afraid to drive in busy cities and speak in front of people I don’t know.
Finish the following sentence: I can’t start the day without…
a big hug and kiss from my kids.

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