Amazing Hostess Gifts? Yes, Please.

Amazing Hostess Gifts

Holiday time is upon us. Breaking bread and celebrating with dear friends and loved ones over all the festivities and parties sprinkled throughout the holiday season! As this time of year approaches (every year!), I think of what special hostess gifts I make. There’s something that feels extra special, extra from-the-heart when it’s homemade with love.

Here are some of our fave super cute and really creative hostess gifts! Take a look at this list to see what will meet your hostess’ tastes and show her your gratitude for her hospitality.

One. Potpourri is a lovely way to warm up your friend’s home with the beautiful scents of the season. This winter spice potpourri with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, oranges, and apples from Julie Blanner smells great and is easy to make!

Two. Masons jars filled with fresh herbs is an adorable, but practical, present! Anyone who spends time in their kitchen appreciates fresh herbs. Plus, if you give them herbs with the roots, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. (We love those!)

Three. Sugar scrub is a great way to say “thank you!” This is a way for your hostess to relax and enjoy herself by bringing a little spa time into her home. It’s easy to make sugar scrub: We love this coconut vanilla scrub and this rosemary mint scrub (it even includes free printables for the jars!)

Four. Homemade apple butter is a delicious gift, and is simple to make. Pairing the Harris Sisters’ crockpot apple butter with this “Thankful!” jar topper printable from The 36th Avenue is adorable!

Five. A shower basket is useful and thoughtful! This is also another way to give someone the spa experience, without having to send her to the spa. You can personalize the basket with your fave products. We love this shower kit idea from Design Love Fest.

Six. Who doesn’t love an amazing smelling house?! This simmer-in-a-jar idea is a wonderful alternative to a candle, and more personal. You could give an herb jar, a citrus jar, a spice jar – so many choices! You infuse the ingredients in a jar of water, and your hostess pours the contents into a saucepan and simmers it on low. It’ll make her whole house smell amazing! Here are some fabulous ideas for simmer jars from The Yummy Life.

We love to entertain, so we know all the hard work and love that is poured into hosting a holiday dinner. Show your hostess how much you appreciate her time and effort with these super special gifts. And don’t forget a great big hug!

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