About Joy of Mom

Our Mission

To unite and empower women everywhere to be unapologetic warriors and sisters while navigating the ever-evolving life cycle of motherhood.

Our Story

As a mother, I wanted a platform that I could trust. One that was true, non-compromising and authentic. One where advice was shared mom to mom from real grit and experience. Where trust, transparency and friendship were the North Star. And, where moms were respected and protected. 
Today, Joy of Mom is over 2.7 million moms strong. Passionate, intimate, global. Grown 100% organically from earned trust. Here, we mobilize over what matters most to us. Helping and supporting one another, and being that lifeline when we need it most. Telling our stories and sharing our truths – along the most profound journey women will ever travel: motherhood.

About Vicki Reece

Vicki Reece has been passionately connecting with women and moms globally around all that matters most to them. It began back when her children were young – when violent toys were all the rage. And irresponsible messages were marketed to children. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Vicki saw a need to create positive entertainment + educational products for kids. The kind moms wanted and children needed. That inspired and encouraged self-esteem, acceptance, and empathy – rather than tearing them down. With virtually zero resources, experience or know how, Vicki created best-selling children’s products through pure grit and grass-roots. Moms wanted more and Vicki listened and took action every step of the way. 10 years in the making. At Joy of Mom, we come together – we mobilize – for the greater good. 


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