A 10-Minute Meditation Routine

A 10 Minute Meditation Routine That Will Change Your Life! #joyofmom

A 10 Minute Meditation Routine That Will Change Your Life

Meditation is one of those practices with which most of us wish we could incorporate into our lives on a daily basis. Maybe we don’t know how to, maybe we don’t think we have time, or maybe we don’t necessarily believe it will make much of a difference.

But we say to you, you’ll never know until you try.

There’s no doubt that meditation can help one relax and feel calm, possibly even help with falling and staying asleep. Did you know there are more benefits than just stress reduction? Studies have shown that meditation can help improve concentration, increase self-awareness, increase happiness, slow down the aging process, benefit cardiovascular and immune health, and so on.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with daily life, going through a tough time, feeling agitated, or simply just interested in boosting your overall happiness and well-being, we encourage you to try to meditate every day for one week. All you need to do is carve out 10 minutes of your day for one week, and find a simple and easy (and so very soothing!) meditation practice. If 10 minutes feels too long, start with 5 and work your way up. Our favorite technique is called “Ocean Breathing”, and it is incredibly zen-invoking. If you don’t have a method in mind, we encourage you to try the “Ocean Breathing” technique.

Execution: Find a quiet spot, possibly by a window or outside in a garden. A space where you feel comfortable. Sit in a cross-legged position with your hands on your knees, or lie down on a mat with your hands on your stomach, and close your eyes. Begin by taking deep slow breaths. In for 5-7 seconds, hold the breath for a few more seconds, then slowly breathe out. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. While you are drawing your breath in, visualize a wave drawing back in the ocean. When you release the breath, imagine the wave crashing down and rolling up on the shore. Birds are flying by, the sun is setting off into the distance, and you are alone, and at peace, sitting on the sand, watching the waves pull back, curl and crash.

In with positivity, out with negativity. In with love and peace, out with pain and turmoil. Visualize the life you want for yourself, and with every breath, disperse these hopes and dreams into the universe.

Looking for other technique ideas? Try these 3 beginner meditation techniques.

We hope that after one week of meditation, you will begin feel the incredible benefits. Allow this to be a time for you. Thoughts might come into your mind during your practice, simply acknowledge them and then let them pass. Try not to “not think” too hard – just be silent and still. Enjoy and welcome the inner bliss. Heal, rejuvenate, recharge, and love yourself and your practice. Namaste.

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