5 Ways To Practice Self Love

Self-love: Read all about it.

While it’s wonderful to find new ways to love your partner, your children and your friends and family, we thought it might be nice to share a bit about self-love. As a mother, it can be tricky to find the time to love yourself, especially when you’re poring every ounce of yourself into your family, but it’s essential. I always find that when I take the time for me, even if it’s just five minutes, everyone else benefits too, so it’s a win, win. Here are five ways I practice self love in just five minutes.

1. Take care of yourself. I know this seems silly to say, but I can’t tell you how many times all I’ve needed was five minutes of “me” time to get ready and start the day off right. I deserve it, you deserve it, we all deserve it. Why do we put something so basic at the bottom of the priority list? It’s worth getting out of bed five minutes earlier before your partner leaves for work to make a quick shower and real pants part of your routine.

2. Find one positive. Mom guilt is a serious thing, and while it’s so easy for us to all make note of what we could have done better, I think it’s important to take time to acknowledge what we did right. Write it down, say it to yourself or just think it over, but do it. You’re doing so much better than you imagine!

3. Take help. I realize this isn’t offered to everyone, but I’m really fortunate to have friends that are local and a loving husband who is more than willing to help out. I tend to turn down help, but I’m learning that I need to take it every now and then. It’s okay to need time away, so to treat yourself to that! Take five minutes to think about it, and respond YES to their text or call. I realize this time away might be best spent running errands for the family, but I highly encourage you to make one pit stop for just you while you’re out and about.

4. Cut yourself some slack. As important as it is to acknowledge one thing you did right, I think it’s equally important to let one thing go each day. Maybe you didn’t pick your house up or get everything done you needed to – we can all assume the world didn’t end and that you can most likely take it on another day. Be easy on yourself!

5. Treat yourself. This is obviously different for everyone, but taking five minutes out of your day to stop and do something that will make you feel good is so important. Here are a few things that always brighten my spirits: make a fresh cup of coffee, put on a little makeup, put on an album or podcast I love, or call or text a friend.

Whatever your definition of self-love is, start carving out some YOU time, and see how much happier and more balanced you can be.

Photo by Amy Frances Photography

Written by Hailey Andresen

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