5 Best Sunburn Remedies

5 Best Sunburn Remedies #joyofmom

August is here and the days are already getting starting to get shorter. {Yikes!} With hot days ahead and school just around the corner the kiddos along with many of us want to get out there and soak up the last days of fun in the sun. It’s important to protect ourselves in the sun. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we arrive home to find out that our child is tomato red despite all that slathering of 99 SPF block. This weekend there were photos and stories shared about well known sunburn creams that aren’t working despite the fact that moms are trusting these healthy, organic products. Here our tried and true list of sunburn treatments if your little one has unfortunately experienced too many rays.

*Milk has healing powers and works wonders for a sunburn. Grab some gauze or a soft, washcloth and pour milk in a small bowl. Pour the milk in the bowl and make a cold compress, draining the extra liquid. Put the bowl of milk back in the fridge. Leave the compress in place for at least ten minutes. When it becomes room temperature, dip it into cool milk again and reapply.

*Baking soda is another great home product that will soothe your child’s sun issues. Make a paste using cool water (not cold) and place on sunburned areas. Leave on until the sting of the sunburn has diminished. Wash with cool water.

*Aloe is your best friend during a sunburn. Leave your aloe in the fridge, so it’s extra cool and soothing. You can also keep an aloe plant in the house and extract your own gel. Slit the plant leaves down the middle, but don’t cut through. Spread them flat and place what you extract on the burn. You can do the same thing with the store bought gel.

*Even though it might not be your child’s favorite choice, a bath with two cups of plain rolled oats will help heal burned skin thanks to the polysaccharides in the oatmeal. Grab some fun bath toys and make a tepid or cool bath for your child. The cooler water will also be soothing. Another way: Fill a clean, cotton tube sock with the uncooked oatmeal and cinch off the top. Toss this into a cool bath. Then squeeze out the sock to get all the healing properties into the water. Gently pat dry your child with a soft towel.

*If you’re on a car trip and don’t have time for a bath just head to the nearest grocery store and buy a few cartons of plain yogurt. Packed with enzymes that are true healers, yogurt is a great help. Apply the yogurt directly to the burn area including your child’s face and let it remain for five minutes. Then rinse with cool water. The probiotics also help with the healing. You can reapply this treatment several times throughout the day.

*One thing never to do with a child’s sunburn is run a bubble bath. The soap will dry out the skin and make it hurt more!

Here’s to fully enjoying and cherishing the last days of summer, sans sunburn pain, with your precious family!

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