Yellow: The Color of Joy

June 18, 2015
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Yellow: The Color of Joy! #joyofmom

My friends were having a backyard wedding and on their intimate list they included Daisy, their 84-year-old widowed neighbor from across the street. She arrived in her spry way holding a big box with a note on top. The bride and groom opened the presents later that night and smiled at their new yellow dishes, bowls and coffee mugs. The note read: “For those days when you need a little yellow in your life.”

Daisy was absolutely right. Yellow has been called a “joy ray” which appealed to me at Joy of Mom! It has also been dubbed “the color of being happy and blissful.” And, since I can remember, yellow has alway been my fave color.

Just the other day, I was in the Container Store and needed a little yellow in my life on a rainy and cold Chicago {almost} summer day. Thunderstorms were looming and the sky was a greenish-black. I just love these cozy days and was excited to bring a little yellow home with me. I bought 18 bright yellow hangers for $5.76 cents and I was quite excited to get home and sprinkle a little sunshine in my closet. (Plus I always love me a little organizing!)

What is it about yellow that warms or brightens us? First, it’s not just in our imaginations. According to studies done in Amsterdam, adults reported feeling happier around both green and yellow, which are natural mood boosters because they remind us of green grass and life empowering sunshine. A report in Psychology Today said that the color yellow naturally brightens spirits.

Now that we know yellow is something sanctioned by science, in addition to how we know it can stir our soul, how can we add more of this fab color and feeling into our lives?

Here are a few ways:

~ Paint your child’s playroom your or their favorite shade of yellow to bring the sunshine in, especially if you live in a colder climate. Or be on the lookout at sales or even garage sales for a giant yellow throw rug to put into a child’s room, basement or family room.

~ Treat yourself to a bunch of daffodils or yellow tulips. It’s a great way to bring that pop of yellow into your kitchen where you can look at them all the time. Or if you prefer a strong flower why not buy some large yellow sunflowers and keep them in your bedroom, so you can wake up to yellow even on gloomy days?

~ Use yellow strategically. Hard getting up in the morning? Why not try a yellow soap or scrubbing puff in the shower? Or buy a piece of pottery painted yellow to put next to your alarm clock? Have that big pot of daisies as the view while you eat breakfast.

~ Buy a bag of lemons and keep them in a bowl in the kitchen or even a few in the bathroom. By the way, scientists also have proven that the scent of citrus wakes us up and sparks our creative juices!

~ Buy a favorite article(s) of clothing in yellow including a T-shirt or soft, comfy sweat jacket as your go-to grab after the gym.

~ Plant a garden with your favorite yellows including sunflowers, yellow peppers, or even try a small lemon tree, which will last for years of all that good lemon mood boosting!

As for me, I’m yellowing up my closet tonight. It’s the perfect way to bring a pop of happy each time I open the door. (And, I’ll be pulling together a bag of clothes although I really like, I haven’t worn in a while. I do this regularly… Even tho I don’t have a lot of clothes, I love going through what I have and passing them on to other moms and women who would love or need, like business clothes I rarely wear, etc. {Will share more on the gift of giving, recycling, and passing it on in another blog!}

Fab plates, cups and bowls courtesy of: Anthropology


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