Summer Sun Protection Tips for Your Family

July 6, 2015
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Baby, it’s hot outside! In fact, most of the country is stuck in a major heatwave these days from 115 out West to 90 percent humidity in NYC.

Families are active and mommies know that sunscreen is our best friend along with easy sun blockers like floppy hats and sunglasses for yourself and the little ones. Even if it seems like the sun is hiding behind clouds, our skin can still be harmed by the sun’s UV rays (especially children!). It has been proven that children are especially at risk of developing health problems later in life if they experience sunburn.

To avoid burns, it’s recommended by pediatricians to apply sunscreen on our children every day, throughout the day, and to wear sun hats to shield their face and eyes. Here’s our personal favorite sunscreen and hat brands for optimum skincare and sun health for you and your family.

Badger Balm is a broad spectrum protector against UVA & UBA rays using the safe mineral zinc oxide. It contains no Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, or other harsh chemicals that are typically found in sunscreening agents. Instead, it is made with an organic base of sunflower oil, beeswax, and vitamin E. Badger Balm is water resistant for at least 40 minutes, hypoallergenic, and is not tested on animals.

We also truly love Goddess Gardens. This too is an all-natural broad spectrum SPF 30 protector, with zinc and titanium as its active ingredients. You won’t find any synthetic chemicals, paragons, or alcohols in this sunscreen. It is a certified organic product, water resistant for 40 minutes, and comes in a recyclable container.

For babies with the most sensitive skin California Baby is the way to go. Fragrance-free, mineral-based, and PABA free, this sunscreen is perfect for those with skin sensitivities or fragrance allergies. California Baby’s most active ingredient is a highly micronized Titanium Dioxide that scatters and reflects dangerous UV rays. This brand comes highly recommended by leading dermatologists and allergists, and has won many awards for its products such as “Best Sunscreen” from WebMD and babble, and best eco-friendly baby skincare by SheKnows Parenting Awards two years in a row.

To ensure your baby’s face stays completely away from the sun’s harmful rays, sun hats are imperative. Our two favorite brands are Flap happy and i play. Flap happy is a great brand because they have an assortment of floppy hats, flap hats, and crusher hats. Our personal choice is this flap hat with ties. It was designed to provide excellent sun protection by its large brim to shade the face, a flap that covers the ears and neck, an elastic band inside to help the hat fit snuggly around the head, and ties to keep the hat from falling off. This hat can be worn in or out of the water for all-day sun protection.

Our pick from i play is this mod brim hat with ties. This hat has a wide brim and special UV-protective fabric that is breathable, wicks away water, dries quickly and keeps your baby cool and shaded all day long. This hat also has the ties to keep in place, and can be worn in or out of the water. (i play also has a matching swimsuit in the same pattern, so cute!)

Sun protection is an important topic for everyone in the family, especially the little ones. Applying sunscreen each morning is a positive habit that everyone should introduce into their routines. Even in cloudy weather, our skin can be damaged from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It’s important to apply sunscreen to your children every morning if they are planning to spend time outside, and re-apply every 2 hours as needed. As always, babies under 6 months should be kept out of the sun completely.

Here’s to enjoying the warmer weather, sunshine, and, of course, precious family bonding time outside this summer!


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