Staying Happy Through the Holidays

November 13, 2015
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Staying Happy Through the Holidays


With the holidays coming up, there is so much to do: shopping, decorating, hosting family, preparing meals, and more! And all this work can easily create stress. But we have some tips from health and wellness expert Dave Romanelli to help us moms keep our happiness and joy during the holiday season.

If you need help staying positive while you’re staying on top of all the details, here are Dave’s top tips:

Meditation: Dave calls meditation a game-changer when it comes to stress. Meditation helps you work through anxiety and even sleep better at night-and who couldn’t use a great night’s sleep?! He also believes meditation can be light-hearted and fun. Another benefit: “Meditation is amazing for allowing your mind to relax so you can be more present with your kids.”

One-minute hug: Try to take one minute each day and dedicate it to love. Write an email to a family member or call an old friend. Kids are great cuddlers – when you feel the stress overcoming you, stop and hug your child for one full minute. Both your body and mind will relax! And your kids will love it too!

Beautiful, funny, and delicious: Try to find moments in each day that are beautiful, funny, or delicious. This is a great topic to talk about around the dinner table. Use this as a chance for the whole family to remember the special moments of each day so you can focus on the positive.

Vitamin G: Gratitude. When you turn in for the night, instead of letting your mind worry about what you have to do tomorrow, focus on what you were grateful for today. Talk with your spouse about three things that happened that you were grateful for. Dave suggests that you, “Train your mind to be strong, positive, and grateful when it’s otherwise negative or self-doubting.” You will see the benefits so fast!

Embracing imperfections: Don’t strive to do everything perfectly – no one is able to accomplish perfection all the time! Dave says, “The best you can do is show up fully for the people you love.” No one else is expecting perfection from you – they want your presence more than anything. Being there is enough!


Dave Romanelli is a leading health and wellness innovator. He played a pivotal role in the modernization of yoga into mainstream culture. His Yoga + Chocolate, Yoga + Wine, and Yoga for Foodies experiences were featured in The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Food + Wine, and O Magazine. He is now focusing on the modernization of meditation. In 2013, he launched an online company, Meditate ON, which makes meditation fun, light, and accessible for the whole family.  Dave’s new book Happy is the New Healthy hit the shelves in January and reached #1 on Amazon’s Healthy Living Bestseller list. The book shares secrets and meditations on relaxing, letting go, and enjoying life (not tomorrow) but NOW. Discover more about his journey on Dave lives in New York City.


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