Soundtrack of Your Life

April 9, 2015
by vicki

Soundtrack of Your Life... #joyofmom


Soundtrack of Your Life

My water just broke. Not that water.

I have tears in my eyes because I’m laughing that hard. A car full of teenagers just pulled up next to me and their jaws dropped open because I’m rocking out. I mean full out, and the girls next to me can’t believe that someone’s mother is singing in public.

My window is open on a warm spring day in Chicago and I’m singing along to Todd Rundgren. Yes, I might not remember my password for some online account or when I’m supposed to see the dentist later this month, but I do know every single word from a 1972 song called “I Saw the Light,” which was Todd at his finest.
                 “It was late last night.
                  I was feeling something wasn’t right
                 There was not another soul in sight
                 Only you, only you.”

What is it about music that truly brings you right back… My song from Todd was actually perfect for when I was in high school and even better many years later when I was rocking a sick baby at midnight.

What is it about music that soothes us and sends our spirits soaring? I don’t care if you’re on your third leg of carpool and you’ve driven the length of Chicago to Africa. A good song changes the entire day. With me, if it’s the right song, it’s as if my mind becomes a photo album and I remember the moments and friends who have made up the songs of my life.

A good song and suddenly, I’m transported back to high school or even middle school where Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” meant that someone was going to really get demolished that day in dodge ball. Even if the song annoyed me at the time, put on Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” on a particularly tough day and I could spit nails…or at least do that extra ten crunches at the gym.

The beautiful thing about music is that it lasts with us forever and it helps us call up the past. It’s an ode to memories. An ode to friendships, some which have lasted the test of time and others which have not. And an ode to the fabric of our life, and never losing the magic of it.

The other day, I saw a Mom with a carload full of elementary school girls singing Taylor’s Swift “Shake It Off” on the top of their lungs. Their minivan was literally bouncing up and down at that stop light, and everyone was singing, shaking and having the time of their lives. I know that 10 years from now when that Mom hears that Taylor song on some “oldies” station, she will instantly be transported back to when her baby was young and the car was loud.

Excuse me, I’m at another light and I need to sing now. Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” from 1974 just came on.

I don’t care who stars at this mom because momentarily I’m back in high school wondering if that cute boy like-likes me…or does he like-like my best friend…Ah, the exquisite torment of it all combined with such happy memories and a song that makes them flow.

Sing along with me:
“What’s the matter with your head, yeah….Come and get your love.”


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