Presence, Not Presents

December 16, 2015

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As the holiday season has become synonymous with the shopping season, it helps to pause and remember what this time of year is about. Giving, family, love, children. And the gratefulness of it all…

A theme going around lately that we believe in is “Presence, Not Presents.”

Of course, we want to provide the best for our children and indulging them a bit at Christmas can be fun! We may rush to buy the toy that’s making the biggest buzz, or grab the latest American Girl doll and all her gear.

But the best gift you can give your children, whether toddlers or teens, is your time. Spend a day strolling around a museum. Take just one child on a lunch date. Make an intensive craft together.

As you share these moments together, whether chatty or quiet, you are building a bond that will last longer than the latest toy. When your child goes off to college, will she remember what present she got for Christmas in fifth grade, or the day she strolled around with just mom at the dinosaur museum? We bet that museum visit with you will be locked in her memory forever.

When your child becomes a parent, maybe those memories of special days with just mom will soak into her soul, and she will do the same thing with her daughter.

Because who needs presents, when you have your mother’s presence?


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