Popcorn & Pics: Shaun The Sheep

July 31, 2015
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Just say baaaaa. Mommies can rejoice because there is FINALLY a big screen movie for the little ones. Shaun is the most adorable little sheep and a little brainiac barnyard boo boo who decides to take the day off and have some fun. Of course, our little furry guy gets into way more trouble than he anticipated. He has a major mix up with a farmer and has to climb a very steep hill on his way to a place called the Big City!

Behind The Scenes: Shaun is a British stop-motion film based on the animated TV series and also a spin-off of the hit “Wallace and Gromit” franchise. Shaun in the series has madcap adventures around his farm where he is the leader of his flock. You know this is a quality project because it’s from the legendary Aardman Animations and commissioned by the BBC. If your child falls in love with Shaun, you can order the seasons on Amazon.

Fun Fact: The series even has its own spin-off called “Timmy Time” starring Shaun’s small cousin and aimed at preschoolers. Don’t dare call these creatures livestock. Call this love-stock!

Photo courtesy of IMDB


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