Popcorn & Pics: Max

June 26, 2015
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Popcorn & Pics: Max #joyofmom


This is week two of our new Friday movie column and I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s our choice for the best of the best of this weekend’s movie theater flicks!

“MAX” In our home our four-legged loves are truly our furry babies. This is a beautiful, educational and timely movie about a military war dog that eats, fights and sleeps by the side of his beloved master, U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott. Both man and his pup are serving in Afghanistan when Kyle is mortally wounded.

Without his best friend, war dog, Max is sent to the states to live with Kyle’s family including a teenager named Justin (Josh Wiggins) mother (“Parenthood’s” Lauren Graham) and father (Thomas Haden Church). Can Max fit into a new family? Can they love the dog that their beloved brother and son held so dear? Max teaches us all how important it is that we treat our animals with love and compassion – a great lesson no matter your age.

Behind the Scenes: Lauren Graham (Justin’s mother) Chats about Playing a Mom

Q: What was so appealing about “Max?”
Lauren Graham: “I was struck at how poignant the story was to me. We really delve into the world of these military dogs and how vital their work is for our military. This is also a story about a family healing from loss. They come together over this dog.”

Q: You play a very strong mom here, but different from the moms you played on “Parenthood” and “The Gilmore Girls.” Who is she based on?
Lauren Graham: “She reminded me of my grandmother who was a missionary and Southern Baptist. She was a kind woman, but an incredibly strong one. I also based her on certain traits of my grandfather who was a man of few words, but had this quiet strength.”

Q: Are you a dog person?
Lauren Graham: “I had a wonderful German shepherd. I remember getting my Hannah from a Burbank rescue. It was a crazy, instant connection and the best, smartest, sweetest dog I could ever find as a friend. She was with me during tough times and I even had someone drive her to New York to be with me when I was working. This was a major dog friendship. I haven’t been able to get another dog since she passed. I’m working on it.”

Fun Fact: Max in the movie was actually played by a Belgian Malinois, one of the favorite breeds to serve as military working dogs (MWD). The dogs have a 270-degree field of vision and can run 30 miles per hour!

This sweet and touching movie reminds us that our fur babies are truly a gift in our life. May we cherish them, every day. And give them the love and devotion right on back.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Ent.


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