Popcorn & Pics: ANT-MAN

July 17, 2015
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Popcorn & Pics: ANT-MAN #joyofmom


He’s just an uber-busy Dad who wants to protect his daughter. He’s also a sleek suited superhero who knows how to shrink way, way, way down! (Please don’t take him to a picnic either) Introducing…Ant-Man, the next big budget action flick of summer starring one of our movie favorites, Paul Rudd from “This is 40.” Paul plays the duel roles of Scott Lang and Ant-Man in the story of a man who must find his inner hero to conquer major odds. When his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) plots a heist to save the world, Scott find the ability to shrink down to ant size and grow in strength at the same time. Why? “He’s basically just a man trying to protect his daughter from harm,” says Rudd. “Isn’t that the best reason of all to save the world? You want to protect your kids at any cost.” (Gotta love that!!)

Behind the Scenes: Rudd is 46, but got into super shape for the film by leaning out his diet and giving up his beloved burgers. Yet, he still worried about a scene where he had to show his six-pack. “I am very self-conscious,” Rudd said. “The day we shot that scene, I think I ate only one almond. And I still felt so bloated!” He did love wearing the sleek Ant-Man suit. “I even wore it on my day off,” he joked. “I wore it home. You should see me do karaoke in the Ant-Man suit.”

Fun Fact: Rudd is a Dad to son Jack, 9, and daughter Darby, 5, with wife, Julie Yaeger. “Originally, my son said I wasn’t cool enough to be Ant-Man!” Rudd fretted. Then they went to an early screening. “My son said, ‘Dad, you killed it!’ That was the best review of ever.” (Is that so sweet…. I literally have chills now.)

This is a fun movie for families where you’ll be rooting for the little guy with the huge heart!

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