Mommy Summer Tips: Part 2

June 25, 2015
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Mommy Summer Tips: Part 2! #joyofmom


Yesterday’s blog focused on some of my favorite mommy summer tips. There wasn’t enough space for all of my faves, so here are a few more!

Hair Rising: Moms, it’s summer and there is a lot of running around, and a lot of humidity. This means less mommy time for us, which is fine. But what are you to do if you have a big business meeting or a major summer event looming? Your hair actually looks better after you slept on it and the natural oils provide the shine. Don’t wash, just go! It frees up time and the look is perfect.

Move It: Studies show that when you’re dragging, a summer nap might not be the best thing. So ditch those pillows and have the entire family grab their sneakers. Regular exercise actual boosts energy levels. Even a walk or bike round around your neighborhood, playtime at the local park, or a little yoga video in the living room will boost moods and energy.

Your Wee Master Chef: It might be tempting to eat out more in the summer, but that means extra calories and extra expense. Why not encourage your kids to become little master chefs? Kids love to cook dinner for the grown ups in their lives. Have the little ones be your assistant chefs and the older ones can work to make salads, side dishes and even put the dinner on the plates. Other children can host and another act as the waiter or waitress. Everyone has a job and each child can help decorate the kitchen that day to make it your own special “must try restaurant” located in your very own kitchen.

Theme Park Bound: If you have Disney or another theme park on the summer agenda be a bit strategic about when you go. Kids (and their parents) hate to stand in long lines so consider visiting in the morning or evening where you can avoid the crowds and the heat of the day. You can easily fit in some fun pool time at your hotel to occupy the afternoons. Also bring along some clip on fans for strollers to keep your toddlers cool.

For Pregnant Mommies: Consider taking off your rings on those extra hot days. Fingers will swell in the heat and some mommies to be have even had to cut off their wedding rings because soap, water or even lotion didn’t work. It’s easier to remove them for a few months to avoid that situation. Also future mommies should ask their doctors about using a SPF that’s higher than 15 as the sun increases melanin production, which leads to pregnancy mask. Best yet is to stay out of the sun.

Chore Jar: One of our mommy readers sent us a fabulous idea! She told me she writes down 10 to 15 chores for the next seven days and then folds the paper and puts them in a jar. On Sundays after dinner, the family holds a “chore lottery.” Each of the three children reaches into the jar and pick their chores for the week. It’s fair (and fun!) way to divvy up the chores plus when the work is done the piece of paper is put into a special mom jar to let her know. Add some fun things to the jar like: 1 frozen yogurt if your chore is done by Wednesday. Surprise your little love bugs with a slip that says: You Have the Week Off! Love, Mom!

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