Love My New Laundry Routine

March 3, 2015
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Love My New Laundry Routine! #joyofmom


Love My New Laundry Routine

I recently discovered a shop near my home that changed the way I clean my house, forever.

The shop is a soap dispensary that refills laundry soaps, household cleaners, bath products, and DIY ingredients. The best part about this store is that all the products they carry are biodegradable, gentle for children, hypoallergenic, organic and free of harsh chemicals. Customers can use plastic or glass containers to be refilled at their store, or you can do what I do – buy a one gallon glass growler and refill it with laundry soap at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits to refilling your laundry soap into a glass growler are twofold: You save a significant amount of money each month on laundry soap, and this method keeps single-use plastic packaging out of landfills and watersheds. Not to mention, it looks quite nice in your pantry or laundry space.

It’s no secret that popular brand laundry soaps are packed with harsh chemicals. I opt to refill my growler with Live For Tomorrow laundry detergent, because it is made with plant and mineral based ingredients, it’s biodegradable, not tested on animals, and is phosphate and chlorine free. Unlike products like Tide and Downey, this brand does not contain fragrances, 1,4 dioxane or optical brighteners, which can irritate the skin among other issues. And honestly, it cleans just as well if not better. {We also love Nature Clean and Eco Nuts Organic Soap. Both fantastic options.}

Instead of using dryer sheets, I now use PurEcoSheets. These reusable cloth dryer sheets have all the advantages of traditional dryer sheets, but none of the chemicals. PurEcoSheets eliminate static and keep fabrics fresh and soft minus the unwanted chemical residue that we all so eagerly try to avoid. These sheets last for hundreds of loads, are safe for the entire family, and are void of any added perfumes, dyes, soaps and chemicals.

To add a fresh scent to my laundry, I pop in a little satchel of dried lavender into the dryer with the PurEcoSheets and our clothes and linens come out smelling amazing. You can buy these satchels pre-made here or here, or make your own. {Remember this post?}

I also use a glass container to refill my kitchen dish soap. I am partial to Sapadilla, which is comprised of naturally potent ingredients and essential oils. Plus, the scents are irresistible – especially the sweet lavender + lime. I actually use an old Savon de Marseille hand soap bottle for my dish soap at the sink, and keep the extra soap for refilling in a larger glass jar underneath the sink. I think it looks nice, plus the pump is really helpful when washing dishes! We previous wrote about our love affair with Savon de Marseille in this post – talk about a fantastic soap!

The smallest changes in your daily routine can amount to such significant benefits for the environment and the health & safety of your family. The less chemical-based products you use, the healthier you and your planet will be. Cleaning products are released into the environment during normal use through evaporation of volatile components as well as being rinsed down the drain. Choosing less hazardous products reduce packaging waste, avoid harmful exposure for the user (being you), improve indoor air quality, and reduce water and ambient air pollution while still ensuring effective cleaning of the home.

The less bleach you expose yourself to, the less phthalates you breathe in, the more triclosan you can avoid, and so on, the healthier you and your family will be. Plus, the less you throw away, the less your husband will have to take out the trash. We highly encourage you to do a little research and find a shop like this in your town!


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