Inspirational Mamas

March 9, 2015
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Inspirational Mamas: Katya Mosely, Licensed Acupuncturist!


Inspirational Mamas

Katya Mosely, Licensed Acupuncturist

Last week, we were honored to have the opportunity to sit down with well-known acupuncturist & herbalist, Katya Mosely, to talk holistic medicine, herbology, and how to incorporate Eastern medicine into our daily lives. Katya specializes in women’s health, pediatrics, stress & mental health, and pain management (just to name a few), so naturally we jumped at the chance to pick her brain. As busy mothers constantly on the go, chances are we are not getting the proper rest and nutrition that our bodies need. Katya is not only smart, forward-thinking, charming and beautiful, but she is also a mother of two little girls. We found Katya’s advice and knowledge to be extremely eye-opening and motivating, and we hope you do too. At the close of the interview, you can find Katya’s contact information, as she is available for in-person appointments as well as skype and phone call sessions.

* * *

JOM: For those who aren’t familiar with acupuncture and the benefits, please fill us in.

Katya: Acupuncture is the insertion of super fine needles into several points along the body to influence the flow of one’s energy, or Qi. It can be used to treat various conditions from irregular periods, post partum depression, aches and pains, insomnia, digestive issues, the list goes on and on. It is often used to prevent the onset of disease or to do what my patients call, “a forced meditation”.

JOM: What part to herbs play? Is there an herb people can take daily to improve their overall health?

Katya: Herbs are a wonderful compliment to everyone’s life. Think of them as supplements, as medicine, as vitamins – they are natural powerhouses that keep you feeling good! The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that they can be custom blended to serve each individual’s needs. So instead of taking five different things to treat your five different imbalances, you can take just one that was made with your specific needs and constitution in mind. Its like buying custom-made instead of off the rack! On a daily basis, a mild Ginseng tea can do wonders for your energy, immune system, digestive and respiratory health, as well as your overall well being.

JOM: Could you name three commonplace herbs people can consume for optimum health?

Katya: Some people believe that medicinal herbs need to be prescribed or found in remote parts of Chinatown, but you probably already have several in your kitchen that would be great for daily use. Goji berries are excellent blood tonics. They can be found in almost every grocery store these days and they can replace raisins in your granolas, trail mixes and baked goods. Mint is another wonderful herb that is energetically very cooling. Pour some hot water over it to make a replenishing tea the next time you or your kids experience a fever, anxiety or high stress. Ginger is another one of my favorites. Add it into your diet to help ward off any digestive issues or drink it as a tea to help regulate morning sickness.

JOM: If people could add one thing from holistic health into their daily lives, what should it be?

Katya: Wow, Chinese Medicine is so individualized that its hard to give one answer for everyone, but generally speaking, everyone could benefit from more breathing. It’s so simple, it’s so cheap, its so obvious, but none of us are doing enough of it. I’m not taking about the kind of involuntary breathing that happens without us noticing, I’m taking about the breath that we take to insert a pause into an argument we are having with our partner, or the breath that we take before reacting to our kid’s tantrum. Mindful breathing, whether it is one breath in a heated moment or 30 minutes of meditation goes a long way in helping to keep our Qi flowing, our blood pressure down, and our hearts open. (Read here for more information.)

JOM: What is one thing you consistently see your patients doing or ingesting that they should stop and why?

Katya: Patients are constantly searching for the Magic Pill/Diet/Antioxidant/Herb. Chinese Medicine is all about the long game, meaning that one appointment or one detox cannot permanently resolve and improve all of one’s health concerns. Being healthy comes from making a series of choices that are repeated throughout a lifetime. Prioritizing some daily exercise or movement, eating mindfully, managing stress (not just on your yoga mat but off as well), getting regular acupuncture, will all have much longer lasting positive results than chasing the latest fad diet ever will.

JOM: On your site, you speak about the large role nutrition plays in our overall health. What are a few pieces of advice you could give to our readers about elevating their nutrition?

Katya: I’m certainly not the first to point this out, but move away from the processed foods. The more steps that food goes through between the farm/ocean/garden/orchard and your plate, the less healthy nutrients it can bring with it. I don’t usually promote squeaky clean diets because I believe that there has to be some wiggle room for birthday cake and champagne, but if people can stick to an 80/20 diet of whole, organic, unprocessed foods with the occasional “slip ups” then we would all be generally feeling much better. It’s especially important to add as many greens into your diet as possible.

JOM: What is it like for you to be a working mom? How do you juggle it all?

Katya: The struggle is real! I’m lucky to have found a balance, though it’s not what I thought it would look like and some days it doesn’t feel balanced at all. I work multiple days a week doing what I love (that part is KEY) and the rest of my time is spent hanging out with my two girls, 1 and 3 years old. I was much more anxious to get back to a fuller work schedule after having my first daughter, but now that I have a second, I’ve realized how quickly the years go by and it helps me appreciate my days with the girls much more.

* * *

Thanks to Katya’s advice, we plan to incorporate more herb-based teas, fresh green herbs and produce into our daily routines. We sincerely hope you feel motivated to do the same! Here at Joy of Mom, we truly care about you and your health, and want to provide you with the best resources, support and education available.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and you’d like to learn more about how Tradition Chinese Medicine can help you, Katya can be reached here. Young or old, healthy or unwell, we can all benefit from acupuncture, herbs, and the guidance of a licensed TCM practitioner.

Many thanks to Katya Mosley for her time and for sharing her wisdom. She is truly an inspiration to us all.


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