Flowers, Chocolate and Ahhh….

April 21, 2015
by vicki

Win a year of flowers and curated treats! #joyofmom


Flowers, Chocolate and Ahhh…. for Mother’s Day (and Everyday!)

Sometimes we just need a little “ahhh” moment in our life.

Maybe it’s a fresh bouquet of flowers. Or a box of melt-in-your mouth chocolates. Or a bottle of perfume that transports you to a lavender field in Provence.

I’d love to send flowers + fabulous curated gifts to every single busy mom out there for Mother’s Day. That’s why I’ve been on (an extensive) hunt for the perfect farm to table flowers! As many of our friends know, I haven’t had a vaca for 19 years. A few months ago, I was on a business trip to LA and my precious daughter (who’s a senior in college) was in LA with me, staying at our friend’s home.

While in LA, we drove a couple hours north to meet with a proprietor and his team from this lovely flower company in hopes to put together a special gift for you. As we drove onto the farm and walked up to the main barn, dust flew up everywhere from our tires and then our shoes. My daughter and I looked at each, smiled, and said without having to say a word (in that unspoken language we moms have with our kids), “Ahhhh… this may be just the right place to be in the moment, take a pause, and soak it all in.” and we walked in gratitude to the barn to meet our new friends.

I don’t know if it was mixture of dust and beautiful sun rays, sound of wood-planked steps, smell of fresh coffee, and not to forget the seriously fragrant flowers all around us – but we felt transported, and it all felt magical.

Everything was so beautiful, down-home, and oh so fragrant! We talked and talked, and walked the fields. Four hours flew right on by! I knew these were the farmers, the growers, to partner with and to bring you a special Mother’s Day gift. So, I’m partnering with our new friends at Stargazer Barn to offer farm-to-table flowers and curated treats. We call this the very special Joy of Mom collection.

From now until the week of Mother’s Day, you can enter to win a package of lilies, tulips and irises plus a special treat of curated artisan products like handcrafted chocolate, cookies, perfume, coffee, jewelry and many more things. And the first collection, for Mother’s Day with feature my first book, The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother’s Love. Close your eyes for a second and imagine a whole year of lovely things delivered to your front door! (I am so there!!)

Personally, I love to imagine our moms out there finally finishing the afternoon rush of picking up kids, shuttling them to soccer practice and dance rehearsals and then coming home to a box on their front step. There it is! What is it? For a second, you hope that it’s not some crazy widget your husband ordered from Amazon to fix the washer and dryer! Instead, you realize it’s for you! Fresh flowers, decadent chocolates, my first book, or other special curated treats! It’s a little well deserved reward for doing what you do every day and being so wonderful at it because shouldn’t Mother’s Day last all year long?

Stargazer Barn sent me a bouquet of lilies to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day, and I have to tell you, the photos simply don’t do them justice. They’re beautiful online, but they’re even better in person and at home, in a lovely vase on your own table. And I’m so happy and grateful that my book is also available alongside these heartwarming gifts of what I personally love – flowers and chocolate.

I wish you all the best of luck in winning beautiful flowers and curated goodies for a year and I hope you enjoy all of the lovely gifts Stargazer Barn has to offer just as much as I do.

From my heart to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!




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