Father’s Day

June 16, 2015

Happy Father's Day! #joyofmom


Father’s Day

He’s the guy who provides the best bear hugs. Or walks the puppy in the rain.

When your little one is sick, he is the one who stands there like a rock saying, “It’s going to be okay. Really.”

Dads make it all worthwhile with their love, kindness, strength and support. Just like Mother’s Day, I don’t think that we should just celebrate fathers just one day of the year — but it sure feels good to honor them, which is what I’ll be doing Sunday as a reminder to do this throughout the year.

It begs the question: What can you get Dad for Father’s Day?

Gifts can range from low to no cost like a beautiful picture or journal your child draws or writes in, to the more expensive offerings that reflect Dad’s interests. In the end, it’s all about the thought and intention. Personally, I know that love is the best present and spending time with Dad is the real win for the whole family.

Here are a few of my other favorite Dad’s Day gift ideas:

For the Golfing Dad: Want to show Dad some love on the golf course? Try the personalized I Heart Dad golf ball set of three golf balls, so Dad can get some love when things get rough. There is also a custom silver golf ball marker called Kiss My Putt with personalized two names on it. You can write Best Dad or Best Grandpa.

For the New Dad: Men as well as women do their fair share of brining baby along. But Dad doesn’t want a mom diaper bag on his shoulder. Why not get him a manly men’s messenger diaper bag in male colors like dark grey or even camouflage. These bags are roomy and scream, “Dad with a little dude or dude-ette on board.”

For Dads of Teens Who Love Fitness With The Kids: Try a Spikeball for Dad to bring out after the final burgers are grilled. Kids and parents of all ages and every athletic ability can enjoy all summer.

For the Stressed Out Dad: Level Naturals. Established in 2009, this natural brand founded by Jonathan Andrew and Sabrina Robertson uses ingredients that are all organic and don’t look too female. Their soaps and bath bombs are the bomb. And you can even try a shower bomb that transforms your home into a spa. Just drop the shower bomb near your feet under direct water, but away from the drain. Dad’s stress will melt away thanks to the organic menthol and eucalyptus scent mixed with the steam. Inhale. Exhale.

For the Dad Athlete: If your man is working towards the kind of six-pack you want around the house then give him the fitness gift that gives to everyone as Dad remains healthy and strong. Smart Fit Bands combine beautiful design and HD screen with waterproof watches that track your food, fitness activities, sleep and even include social media and historical data. Dad even gets amazing workouts from celeb trainer extraordinaire Shawnee Harkins.

For the Dad Who Loves Clean Scents: Forget about him stealing your beauty products. Get him on an anti-aging regime that’s actually manly with Das Boom products. Try their Everything Bar Soaps in scents including West Indies soap (Bay Rum, Smoke), Bourbon County (Bourbon and Leather) or Denali soap (juniper, pine and cedar). There’s even a Detroit soap (tobacco, musk and motor oil). Soaps are available in bar or liquid form, plus they have amazing shaving kits including the Everything Shave Box complete with a hand-forged steel straight razor, boar bristle shaving brush, pocket comb and everything bar.

For the Dad Who Loves the Great Outdoors: It’s a timeless product that makes everyone smile. Why not get Dad a new Schwinn bike. He can tool around with you and the kids or get his mountain man biking guy on for fitness outings. A new bike and a big bow around it is a timeless gift that keeps giving.

For the Dapper Dad: If he’s a bit Don Draper then get him a vintage looking Graham iPhone Case. It’s soft, durable brown saddle leather that looks rich, plus it’s functional with a camera hole in the back of the case for easy photo needs. There is also free monogramming if you order early enough and a space for money and credit cards.

Give Your Dad the Gift of Beautiful Memories: Give him the gift of the stories you share, written in your own words. And when you’re finished, this book will be a keepsake—a commemoration of his love, his hard work, and everything he means to you.

For the Well Groomed Dad: Stay groomed on the go with the Minimergency Kit for Him. This mustachioed flip-top tin is the size of a deck of cards, yet it contains 13 personal care essentials for men.

Let’s celebrate all the great moms and dads out there! And let’s never forget the very best gift is your happy child saying, “Love you, Mommy. Love you, Daddy.”

And celebrate all the great moms and dads out there who know that the best gift is that happy child screaming, “Love you, Mommy. Love you, Daddy.”


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