Weekly Roundup

March 28, 2015
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Joy of Mom’s Weekly Roundup

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~ A carried baby is a happy baby.

~ Parents, it might be time to put the phone down.

~ Tom Hanks rocks!

~ A high protein diet: A myth or true?

~ Truly moving photographs of the human race.

~ How to make all-natural toothpaste and toothpowder.

~ 16 times calories just literally don’t count.

~ The magic of daddy & daughter dates.

~ These are so cute for a little girl.

~ An awesome outside kids toy for spring.

Our Favorite Independent Kid’s Fashion Brands

March 19, 2015
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Our Favorite Independent Kid’s Fashion Brands! #joyofmom


Our Favorite Independent Kid’s Fashion Brands

We love independent fashion brands, especially for children. We appreciate what they stand for, the quality of their products, how they are made, and who makes them – creative entrepreneurs with a vision! In no particular order, we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite toddler and kid brands on the market. They are stylish, unique, energetic, and ethically made.

Brand: Thief & Bandit is a line of hand-printed apparel out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Designer and owner Amie Cunningham, mother of three, uses organic fabrics and non-toxic water based ink for her printing. We love Amie’s style of wild, outgoing prints and bright colors.

Currently crushing on: We are digging their Lazy Snake Suspender Shorts. They remind us of a throw-back to the 80’s (one of our favorite times for fun fashion). Can’t you imagine a cute little 4 year old, bopping around in these with a simple little white tank underneath? Loving these!

Brand: Kira Kids: Kira Kids is a fun brand that celebrates whimsy and delight. Popping with bold colors and laid-back designs, this collection is really giving us “Saved by the Bell” and we love it!

Currently crushing on: Banana Rama Raglan: This banana print is so beyond awesome! Loving every piece it comes in, especially this raglan. Silly, cute and fun – what more could a kid want?

Brand: Ultraviolet Kids: This brand is all about fashion-forward clothing for the sophisticated child. Owner and designer, Michelle, is creating clothing that parents will love and that their kids will love to wear, with everything made in Los Angeles.

Currently crushing on: Tropical Circus Jumper: Isn’t this jumper so very Carrie Bradshaw? Throwback designs are on trend right now, and this piece does not disappoint. Toss your girl’s hair in a topknot, whip on a pair of Salt Water sandals, and you’ve got yourself one adorable outfit.

Brand: Emerson Apparel: This brand is all about creating clothing that your children will love to live in. Emerson Apparel is owned and designed by a fellow mama with your child in mind. These are pieces to play in, to explore nature in, to have adventures in. This brand is for the free-spirited child who lives a bohemian lifestyle of ocean swims, nature walks, and sunshine play. Out of Vancouver, BC.

Currently crushing on: Heck Yeah Harem Pants: Man are these pants cool. The fit is perfect: a harem silhouette, with an awesome contrasted cuff – maximizing longevity. Most pieces in the collection are unisex (major score for siblings), bringing fun fashion to boys and girls which is hard to find.

Brand: Popupshop: This brand is like taking a trip to the zoo! Super wild and super fun!

Currently crushing on: Tiger Swimsuit by Popupshop: We’ve never seen a bathing suit so fun and quirky! This tiger-tastic suit is sure to be the hit of any pool party. Summer is right around the corner, and we say – snag this killer suit!

Brand: Whistle & Flute: This brand has a been a favorite of ours for years! Designed and operated by a husband-and-wife team out of Canada, Whistle & Flute is creating stylish and contemporary unisex clothing for children (and adults!). Their graphics are printed on sweatshop-free apparel and feature original artwork by the couple.

Currently crushing on: Kawaii Cloud Sweatshirt: This piece is probably one of the most popular pieces in their collection, and is definitely one of our favorites. It is so adorable, we love it for boys and girls. (We also love the same image printed on their tees!)

Brand: Miki Miette: A brand for kids that focuses on sporty, comfortable threads for every day wear. Miki Miette is designed and owned by mom Sawako Yamaguchi, and made in Los Angeles. We love the assortment of easy pieces for both boys and girls that can be worn to the park and school.

Currently crushing on: James Surf Tee: This retro-inspired tee for boys is fantastic. We love the pop of royal blue with the contrasting heather-grey stripe sleeves. This is definitely a tee that all boys would love to wear. (It can sometimes be a challenge to find cute clothes for boys – luckily Miki Miette has a great assortment!)

Brand: Little Hip Squeaks: A fun collection of dresses, blankets, headbands and more. A mixture of soft and bright fabrics that are darling on little ones, designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently crushing on: Mint Bow Swing Dress: We love anything that comes in the color mint, especially this swing dress. Anyone with a little girl knows, if it twirls, it’s a keeper! Pair it with a denim jacket and little flats, then take your lady to tea!

Brand: Candy Kirby Designs: A mom of three bringing us beautiful prints and functional designs. Created with high quality materials and non-toxic inks, this brand creates not only lovely clothing but great crib sheets, blankets, quilts, and more. (We love the quilts!)

Currently crushing on: Signature Sweats: We are grooving on these sweats for a rough-and-tumble boy. The fabric looks so soft and comfortable – a must for little dudes. Feeling these would be great for springtime soccer games and shooting hoops with dad.

Everyone can agree that shopping for kids is so much fun. What is more adorable than a little lady in a twirling dress or a little dude rocking some awesome harem pants? Please check out and support these amazing independent shops, who are bringing us the best in kids apparel. Happy shopping!

Mommy & Me

March 16, 2015
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Mommy & Me... Something You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read! #joyofmom


Mommy & Me

Something You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read



Want: Another Feather’s Single Range Ring: Simple, stunning and timeless. We absolutely love this uniquely shaped ring. It’s perfect worn solo or stacked with other favorite rings. Another great aspect of this brand is that each piece is handmade by the designer in her studio.

Need: Think & Ink Studio’s Geometric Wool Blanket: Spring is almost here and this gorgeous wool jacquard blanket is a must-have. They’re thick, warm, big & cozy. Wrap yourself and your littles in this blanket and snuggle up by the fire for family movie night.

Wear: All Saint’s Dungarees: These dungarees are perfection for Spring! A classic look with a twist. These would look great with a comfy white tee underneath, cuffed and paired with your favorite sneakers. We can’t wait to rock these on a trip to the farmer’s market or for date night to a local sushi joint.

Read: ‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey: We hear that Tina Fey wrote about her experience with motherhood in her autobiography, and we are eager to read about it! She writes about deciding whether to have a second child or not, her struggles with breastfeeding, and her day to day life with her family. We are looking forward to reading this book on our next getaway.



Want: Wooden cash register: This is such an adorable imagination-play toy for kids. This wooden register inspires hours of play in a child’s play kitchen or “super market shopping” games with friends. This toy is not only tons of fun, but it works on math, fine motor, social & imaginative skills.

Need: Trace Moroney books: Trace Moroney is one of our favorite authors of kids books. Her voice is extremely positive, loving, and promotes kindness and positive attitudes. We can’t recommend her books enough! (Our personal favorites are “Things I Love About Me” & “Things I Love About Bedtime”.) Plus the illustrations absolutely precious!

Wear: Emerson Apparel’s Salt Water Slouchers: We are seriously crushing on these super cool pants for kids. Handmade from the softest materials (and insanely stylish), these pants are made for adventures outside which makes them perfect for Spring. We also love how this brand is mostly unisex, so siblings can share!

Read: How to Catch a Star: Everyone loves Oliver Jeffers as a writer, and this book does not disappoint. It’s a story about wishing, persevering, and reaching for the stars. We love a warm story that has a happy, meaningful message. This book would be great for a new reader to read out-loud before bedtime.

Weekly Roundup

March 14, 2015
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Head on over to Joy of Mom for the best of what the internet has to offer in our Weekly Roundup! #joyofmom


Joy of Mom’s Weekly Roundup

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Beautiful, powerful images of women in history.

Why it’s good to start the day with lemon water.

What parenting really looks like.

Natural Tips for Teething Babies

March 11, 2015
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Natural Tips for Teething Babies! #joyofmom


Natural Tips for Teething Babies

Nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than when their baby is teething. The discomfort, tears, restlessness and whimpers of pain just about brings a mother to her knees. For every child that is going through the teething process, there are two parents searching high and low for any remedy that can soothe their unhappy child.

While Children’s Tylenol can help during the worst of nights, you might not want to, and really shouldn’t, give your baby Tylenol around the clock. We’ve done our research, tried these methods for ourselves, and can tell you that we have eight tried-and-true natural remedies to help alleviate your child’s pain – that really work!

Let’s kick things off with The Frozen Hand. Throw this hand in the fridge or freezer to make it as cold as possible, and then let your baby chew the pain away. The frozen hand has multiple textured surfaces to massage your baby’s gums and cutting teeth, is easy to grasp, and BPA free. Even frozen, the hand is still soft. Babies and mamas everywhere swear by this teething toy, and we can say from experience that it works great.

Another frozen option is putting ice or pieces of frozen fruit, like apple or pear, in these mesh bags. Because of the mesh, no pieces of fruit or ice and get through so they are very safe for baby. Your little one can hold on to the plastic handle and gnaw as much as they’d like to help cool down their burning gums. Just beware of melting ice (we suggest tying on a Numpfer bib to catch the run-off).

Have you heard of Camilia? We swear by it. Camilia is a single-dose, natural liquid teething relief. It’s fast acting and benzocaine-free, so you can feel good about giving it to your baby. Camilia can also be given for restlessness and irritability. In conjunction with Camilia, you can give your baby this Baby Banana to chew on. It’s made to be a “starter toothbrush” for babies, but it also works wonders for teething! 100% food grade silicone teething toy that is also BPA, phthalate, latex and toxin free. Any part of this toy can be chewed on, including the most effective parts – the massaging bristles and side “banana peels”. Plus, isn’t it adorable?

Speaking of chew toys, how could we leave out the famous Sophie la Girafe? Everyone loves Sophie. You can’t go anywhere where babies will be without seeing a handful of Sophies. Sophie Is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. Sophie is soft, safe and non-toxic for baby to teethe and chew, lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp. She gently squeaks as well, which is amusing for little ones. A must-have for all babies for sure.

Have you tried a Baltic Amber necklace yet? It might seem like voodoo but many swear by these necklaces. As your baby wears the amber, her body heat releases the succinic acid which has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. Plus, they look adorable on.

A chiropractor friend of mine once told me that Milk of Magnesia is one of the best treatments for sore, aching teething gums. With a clean finger, dip your finger into the milk of magnesia and gently rub onto baby’s gums. This should help to alleviate the pain. (I’ve also heard it can help with diaper rash!)

Last but not least, try a facial massage on your baby. Simply rub baby’s face, jaw and gums in a circular motion. Sometimes they will resist, but other times it hits the spot. You might also notice that baby “self massages” by rubbing her jaw against her mattress or pulling her ears while nursing.

Teething is a tough time, for both mama and baby. We hope these natural tips can help to soothe baby during this uncomfortable time. Best of luck, mamas! We are sending healing thoughts to your baby’s gums.

In the Home of a Stylish New Mama

March 10, 2015
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10 Pieces You’ll Find in the Home of a Stylish New Mama! #joyofmom


10 Pieces You’ll Find in the Home of a Stylish New Mama

We love discovering small, independent shops from around the world. There is something so special about things made by hand, with love and care. Our children deserve only the best, made from the cleanest of materials and highest of standards and integrity.

We spend countless hours, researching and reading up on these types of brands to bring you, our cherished reader, the best of the best. For all the products mentioned below, you can count on the designers, makers and materials to be only the very best for your littles.

For new mamas, it’s important to purchase high-quality, well-made pieces for your baby. As a gift giver, we know you have the same standards, as you should. We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite must-have pieces for baby, and we know you’ll agree on their beauty and functionality. Enjoy!

1 ~ Numpfer multi-use bibs: A handmade bib, burp cloth & wash cloth all-in-one! This super soft bib is made from the highest quality organic bamboo terry cloth, which is extremely absorbent for our drooling, drinking, and nursing babies. We love multi-use products and are just gaga for Numpher’s simple and delicate designs. Truly the perfect gift for an expectant mama.

2 ~ Vonbon’s Ikat blanket: One of the first purchases for new moms is always a soft and beautiful baby blanket. Baby blankets have so many uses, including swaddling, tummy time, warmth, nursing privacy, emotional comfort (remember your first “lovey”?), and many more. Vonbon is known for their exceptional quality and beautiful designs. Organic, handmade, and hand-drawn designs – perfection!

3 ~ Speaking of warmth, we recently discovered Will & Co and instantly became fans. Hand-knit & sewn baby & child items by the beautiful husband and wife duo, Corey and Julia, out of Canada. This toque (Canadian term for “hat” or “beanie”) is so beautiful and classic, it’s a must-have for any and all children. Psst… Corey and Julia… We’d love one in an adult size too, please!

4 ~ When it comes to cleaning up messes, every mom needs a handy tea towel for quick wipe downs. Our favorite is this mixed pattern tea towel from Think & Ink Studio. As a mom, we are constantly walking around with a cloth, paper towel, or tissue in our pocket. Milk spills, water drips, boogies, drools, and crumbs – they seem to follow our children wherever they go. We love the idea of a soft (and cute!) handmade tea towel for wiping up little messes. Why go through two rolls of paper towel a week? Save a tree and use this beautifully designed tea towel!

5 ~ Tse Tse by Raplapla: Made with organic fair-trade cotton, this doll is light, easy for babies to hold and feels great for those teething gums to chew on. Above all else, he is super soft and machine washable. We love that 10% of the sales of this product are donated to UNICEF to defend the rights of children. Also makes for a great gift as it comes in a cute little cardboard house decorated by Quebec illustrator Isabelle Arsenault.

6 ~ Etiquette baby sock box: Truly one of our favorite gifts to give and receive for babies. These sock boxes come with 6 pairs of luxurious socks for newborns and toddlers. Crafted from the finest Italian combed cotton, we love the designs and texture of these. Plus, they are some of the only baby socks that actually stay on. “Vintage boy” is one of our favorite color-ways these come in, and while it says “boy”, we love these patterns for boys and girls. Simply gorgeous, and very well priced!

7 ~ We have been fans of the brand Goat-Milk NYC for years now, and think their onesie set is a must-have. This set includes one short sleeve onesie and one sleeveless onesie. They are 100% organic ribbed cotton, soft like butter and classically stylish. Nothing is lovelier than a baby in a soft, simple outfit, resting sweetly on their mama.

8 ~ Padraig Cottage slippers were first created by the lovely Helen for her son in the winter of 1977. Since then, Helen’s company has grown and evolved into what it is today. Though the company has expanded, they are still independently owned and operated, ensuring product quality and support of their local community. Their booties continue to be hand crocheted and hand dyed in small lots, insuring each pair is one of a kind. We simply adore these beautiful slippers for children of all ages. Soft, warm, cozy and gorgeous – fantastic for the entire family.

9 ~ Every baby teethes, therefore every baby needs Ringley natural teethers. Made with custom certified organic cotton and untreated natural Beech wood, these adorable teething toys help to soothe achy mouths. The character easily removes from the wooden ring to allow for machine washing. Plus, that little elephant character is so cute, how can we resist!

10 ~ Last but not least, we simply adore these Mitani towels. Bath time is such a special time between parent and child, and these towels are a must-have for your sweet babe. This luxurious soft and absorbent hooded towel is made from Mitani’s exclusive organic cotton sateen and lined bamboo/organic cotton terrycloth. Each towel is handmade and comes with a coordinating washcloth. It’s important to use high-quality towels for your children because their skin is so sensitive, especially after a bath, and it’s important they are wrapped and dried in soft organics.

What are you favorite must-have pieces for your child or your new mom friends? Let us know on our Instagram account, as we love to discover new independent brands! Happy shopping mamas.

Weekly Roundup

March 7, 2015
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Head on over to Joy of Mom for the best of what the internet has to offer in our Weekly Roundup! #joyofmom


Joy of Mom’s Weekly Roundup

~ We love this poster. Truer words have never been spoken.

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Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids

March 6, 2015
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Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids! #joyofmom


Our Favorite Springtime Pieces for Kids

Spring is upon us! In just a few more weeks, it’ll be official. Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is peaking out through the clouds, and the air is crisp and clean.

The other day, we were walking down the street and noticed a row of cherry blossom trees, all in full bloom. It inspired us to curate a fun and fashionable Springtime favorites list for our kids, their friends, and you!

Nothing is cuter than a little girl in a dress, and we are gaga over this Zara boho dress. The mustard color reminds us of a mustard plant, which is very indicative that Spring has sprung! It has a fun 1970s flare to it, and looks super comfortable. Pair the boho dress with these striped footless tights from Gap and you’ve got a crazy cute outfit on your hand. Footless tights are great for Spring because they provide the light warmth and protection kids need while playing and running about, but allow your child to be barefoot and stick their toes in the sand. Plus, we are such suckers for stripes.

For a younger sibling, these Stallion leggings by Vonbon are perfection. Made from the softest organic cotton, the hand-draw stallion print makes these baby leggings ideal for boys and girls. I have a secret desire to sell all my belongings and move to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Wild horses running around is part of that daydream, so I’m really drawn to this print for that reason.

Speaking of Vonbon, how about this Infinity Cowl scarf? In most cities, Springtime welcomes the sun but there is still a bit of a chill in the air. These organic cotton cowl scarves are ideal, providing a light warmth and total style. I wish them came in adult sizes!

To pair with the Stallion leggings and cowl scarf, Minimoc moccasins would be just the thing. We are crazy for baby moccasins, as many of you are – maybe because they are just so adorable and go with any outfit! We particularly love these Minimoc moccasins in Jelly Fish and Elk, two colors perfect for Spring. In our minds, the purple and nut brown colors represent flowers and the soil they grow in. Flowers in bloom simply warm my heart and excite my soul.

For the youngest of babes, we are eyeing this ‘Crown’ Swaddle from Coveted Things. Wrap your baby up in it, or lay it on the ground as park blanket for the little one. Made from 100% cotton and non toxic inks, this blanket incorporating a beautiful message would make a great gift, could be worn as a scarf {fantastic for breastfeeding privacy!}, and just screams ‘enjoying some time outside in Spring’ to us!

Our favorite Mama brand Ace & Jig has designed some pretty fabulous pieces for kids, including these Holland Stripe pant. These elastic waisted pants are super-soft, super cute and super perfect for Spring. Lightweight, stylish, and ideal for horsing around with friends at the playground. The bright green color reminds us of fresh cut grass and brightly colored leaves filling in through the tree branches. Your child will almost blend in as he climbs to the top of a neighborhood tree!

For the boys, we are absolutely loving this Majestic Howler Tee from Emerson Apparel. Made from the softest materials and printed by hand (an image the designer drew!), this tee is everything a boy could possibly want – comfort, style, and boy power! Mama will love this tee because the 3/4 sleeves allow for optimal dirt play without having to worry about the sleeves getting in the way {and becoming filthy dirty}. We think this tee and the Ace & Jig Holland pants would be a funky fun outfit together.

To complete any outfit, throw on a pair Native shoes or Salt Water sandals on your kiddo and they are ready for a day of adventure and fun. Native shoes are great because they protect the entire foot and are waterproof, so splashing in creeks are no problem. Salt Water sandals are classic and cute, but also can get dirty and wet without an issue. Simply rinse either shoe off with a hose once you get home and they are good as new.

Springtime screams excitement, adventure, digging in dirt and splashing in ponds to us. Allowing our children to explore nature and get a little dirty stimulates their imaginations, showers them with vitamin D from the sun, and allows them to express themselves and their creative self. Nothing beats an imaginary games of “pirates” or “hunting for polar bears” while breathing in fresh air and appreciating all that nature provides. Let’s all embrace the beginning of Spring with open arms and enjoy some time outside with our families.

Joy of Mom & Little Dream Bird Giveaway Winner!

March 4, 2015
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Joy of Mom & Little Dream Bird Giveaway Winner!

Joy of Mom & Little Dream Bird Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations are in order for the lovely April Proveaux! April is our lucky winner of a piece of her choosing from the gorgeous LDB collection.

April is currently 30 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, due in May! Her sister is also pregnant and due next week. April and her sister got to experience pregnancy together – the bliss, the excitement and the back pains. What a beautiful blessing that the two cousins will get to grow up together, side by side. Instant best friends!

April lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband Erik. Together, they own a natural foods restaurant called Fuel Cafe which is inside of a renovated 1920s gas station. {Too cool!} They also have a food truck, called Fuel Food Truck, which brings the healthy, delicious food to people out in town. We are secretly jealous of the citizens of Memphis – we want a Fuel Food Truck in our hood!

If being pregnant and running a restaurant & food truck weren’t enough, April is also a vintage clothing buyer for a boutique in downtown Memphis called Red Velvet. Okay, now we have to go to Memphis! A veggie burger and vintage dress shopping… We’d be in heaven!

April loves the entire LDB collection, as do we, and has her eye on the light weight car seat cover in ‘A Little Lace’. We think April is picking the perfect piece, as it will provide her new baby boy with shade and privacy for the summer months while April is on the go, running her restaurant and working at the boutique.

Congratulations to April and her family on the upcoming arrival of their baby boy. We wish them lots of love and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who entered our LDB giveaway. Check back often, as we have many more fantastic giveaways planned.

Love My New Laundry Routine

March 3, 2015
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Love My New Laundry Routine! #joyofmom


Love My New Laundry Routine

I recently discovered a shop near my home that changed the way I clean my house, forever.

The shop is a soap dispensary that refills laundry soaps, household cleaners, bath products, and DIY ingredients. The best part about this store is that all the products they carry are biodegradable, gentle for children, hypoallergenic, organic and free of harsh chemicals. Customers can use plastic or glass containers to be refilled at their store, or you can do what I do – buy a one gallon glass growler and refill it with laundry soap at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits to refilling your laundry soap into a glass growler are twofold: You save a significant amount of money each month on laundry soap, and this method keeps single-use plastic packaging out of landfills and watersheds. Not to mention, it looks quite nice in your pantry or laundry space.

It’s no secret that popular brand laundry soaps are packed with harsh chemicals. I opt to refill my growler with Live For Tomorrow laundry detergent, because it is made with plant and mineral based ingredients, it’s biodegradable, not tested on animals, and is phosphate and chlorine free. Unlike products like Tide and Downey, this brand does not contain fragrances, 1,4 dioxane or optical brighteners, which can irritate the skin among other issues. And honestly, it cleans just as well if not better. {We also love Nature Clean and Eco Nuts Organic Soap. Both fantastic options.}

Instead of using dryer sheets, I now use PurEcoSheets. These reusable cloth dryer sheets have all the advantages of traditional dryer sheets, but none of the chemicals. PurEcoSheets eliminate static and keep fabrics fresh and soft minus the unwanted chemical residue that we all so eagerly try to avoid. These sheets last for hundreds of loads, are safe for the entire family, and are void of any added perfumes, dyes, soaps and chemicals.

To add a fresh scent to my laundry, I pop in a little satchel of dried lavender into the dryer with the PurEcoSheets and our clothes and linens come out smelling amazing. You can buy these satchels pre-made here or here, or make your own. {Remember this post?}

I also use a glass container to refill my kitchen dish soap. I am partial to Sapadilla, which is comprised of naturally potent ingredients and essential oils. Plus, the scents are irresistible – especially the sweet lavender + lime. I actually use an old Savon de Marseille hand soap bottle for my dish soap at the sink, and keep the extra soap for refilling in a larger glass jar underneath the sink. I think it looks nice, plus the pump is really helpful when washing dishes! We previous wrote about our love affair with Savon de Marseille in this post – talk about a fantastic soap!

The smallest changes in your daily routine can amount to such significant benefits for the environment and the health & safety of your family. The less chemical-based products you use, the healthier you and your planet will be. Cleaning products are released into the environment during normal use through evaporation of volatile components as well as being rinsed down the drain. Choosing less hazardous products reduce packaging waste, avoid harmful exposure for the user (being you), improve indoor air quality, and reduce water and ambient air pollution while still ensuring effective cleaning of the home.

The less bleach you expose yourself to, the less phthalates you breathe in, the more triclosan you can avoid, and so on, the healthier you and your family will be. Plus, the less you throw away, the less your husband will have to take out the trash. We highly encourage you to do a little research and find a shop like this in your town!

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